Customer Research

Day 13 – Who Are Your Customers And What Do They Want?

The Customer Research. You have to know what your customers want before you can scale your offers. How?… ASK THEM!

Join Pat and Angie Cherubini today and learn what customer research you should be running for your small business.

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Hey, Hey, Hey, welcome everybody to boost your business. In 30 days live, we are on day number 13 and I am Pat Cherubini. This is Angie Cherubini. And today we are talking about customer research. I love this one. Why?

Actually this is customer research or basically identifying your market. That’s local to you and around you is important for when you decide to do ads. And really when you do anything, knowing your market is just important period. But what, you know, we work with agency. Clients is clients can’t talk today. And this is something that we do with our agency clients all the time. And it’s kind of, it’s actually really interesting.

We haven’t always done it. We learned this from a coach of mine and it actually comes from a book called ask. And I can’t think of the guy’s name, Ryan Levesque, Levesque [inaudible]. And it’s basically ask your customers what they want, what they expect,

What are their wants, what are their needs, what are the things that they fear reservations about? You know, the service that you have to offer, or the products that you have to offer.

And it’s more about asking, not necessarily your customers, but your market, you know, your, your potential customers and ask it in a way that gets them to interact, interact with your business, what you want, what they expect, what they don’t want, which is also big, and then the opportunity to have it anonymous. So they’ll actually, you know, they can, you can or not, but it’s easier to have it anonymous because people are more likely to give you honest feedback. It’s almost like a review before they ever have to work with you.

It’s an interesting one. It’s really interesting. We did it. We did it for a, an agency client that was a golf school and driving range. And it, you know, if you have a product or a service that, you know, that is something that a lot of people like to do for a hobby like that, you will, you’ll be shocked at how much information people will be willing to give you. So it’s really cool. And the reason that the reason, one of the reasons why we do it is, you know, not only to find out about the tribal language as what we call it of the area, but you also, these answers that you get are fantastic topics for posts or for videos, if you’re into doing videos, or if you’re into doing podcasts or you want to start a podcast, something like that

Very much for that.

Yeah. Future offers blog. I mean, there’s so many that you can use that customer research that your client or your clients or potential clients out there are telling you, they want to know about. So it’s, it’s awesome. It’s really awesome.

And it’s really the way almost every, we do it as an ad campaign. This is the starter ad campaign. We first, we we’d literally, we have a template, we’ll show you here in a minute and we make a post on Facebook that just says something simple as that, you know, it’s our goal to be the best whatever business you’re doing. You know, not just another business that’s trying to sell you something or whatever. So we just say, help us out, answer these quick little five questions and help us improve. And people will, and it depends, it does depend the golf place. You know, there’s golfing is passion for a lot of people. So it went crazy. You know, we have a lot of medical agency clients, you know, there’s not a whole lot of people that want to fill out a survey about going to the dentist

Or more than we thought that there would be you, which was really interesting. But what also was interesting is that it’s pretty much the same feelings in that industry everywhere. So, but it’s pretty cool. I mean, basically what, what we mean by that is when we, when we call it tribal languages, you know, if, if I’m asking questions, I’m a business in Ohio, possibly the type of business that I am is going to be way different in a place like maybe California, you know, just based on the area. Yeah.

Just the simple thing is landscaping. You know, we’re in the Midwest, landscaping includes snow removal, Southern California, Florida. You know, that’s not something that even talk about. So there’s, there are different things that are needed and you’ll end up finding things that people want that maybe you could turn into a service that you never thought of because you didn’t realize how many people were interested in it.

Well, let’s show you we’ll show you how we get started with that and how you can get started too. Cause there are also, there are all kinds of different form companies and a lot of you are who already have businesses and websites. You may already have the ability to create forms. So if you have a WordPress site,

There are things like gravity forms formulator pro contact form seven. I can’t, there’s just, there’s probably 10 more, just something that you can create a form where people can answer and then you get to keep the answers and see them

Or a system like what we have that’s built in already.

So build in, I know, you know, we talk about everything we talk about, guess what our dashboard does that, so it can be done on anything.

This one. Oh, okay. Yeah. This one from Google is one that we started with Google forums with our agency, clients

GTS that five simple

Again, like I said, Hey, Hey, you know, it’s our goal to do, to be better help us out. And then you say the number one goal when it comes to get near the grass, cut, whatever, whatever your server, you know, what is your number? What is the main thing you want when you go to the dentist, you know, good oral health

Don’t even go there inside joke, don’t even go there. So that’s actually, we will go there. Okay. When we had that’s true

High level dental client that we do not have anymore, that was trying to sell, you know, $15,000 services, we were trying to pull them. And this was before we had customer research before we know how to do it, we’re trying to pull the information from them saying, Ooh, is buying these, you know, who is paying 15 grand and in advertising and trying to figure out who your perfect client is. You kind of have to stereotype because it’s, it’s certain groups of people, you know, maybe it’s moms that are 30 years old that are divorced that want to fix their teeth. We were trying to pull out the information from their marketing director, okay. Whatever we’ll call her Sarah. And she wanted to know, or we wanted to know from her to call her Karen. She was a Karen, but we’re just trying to get the information from her. And this is the point that she didn’t freaking know. She had no idea who was buying their services. And these were 15,000 and up services. And we asked her who her perfect client was. And her exact answer, the second time after we tried to pull more information out of her work, those that value oral health,

When has anybody ever, ever said that? And so, you know, basically, because really, I mean, this was good. We went through this with this client because this is why we have adopted the customer research where we’re asking the general public, because you know, it just like in this case, the general public is not going to say I value my oral health.

Yeah. Yeah. But I guarantee you as a business owner, I can almost guarantee that most of you have no idea what your customers really want. Right. So if you’re a house painter, yes, they want the room painted, but is it because they don’t want to do it themselves? And they’re afraid to climb up on a ladder or, you know, there you’ll find tons of different reasons that you can use as angles in your offers.

And then if a friend of the our mentor in, when it comes to this when it comes to this customer survey, his example that he used was he was working with chiropractors and you know, this particular chiropractor he was working with just was dumbfounded. He couldn’t get, you know, he wasn’t getting any leads. He wasn’t getting any new customers. And this guy convinced him to do the customer research because he said, he’s like, we’re not hitting or not hitting your market. And so they did the customer and ask the questions because this chiropractor swore that my, he said, my market are the athletes that have hurt themselves and all that in the past, no, after they did the customer research, found out his actual market or clientele were women who had previously had a baby or had young children that carried the kids on their hip. That was the market. And as soon as, as soon as this guy that I was talking about as soon as he changed up the ad campaign, they started getting leads,

Language talking about two women, carry a kid around on their hip. That ends up,

You know, we all do this. We all think that we know who our market is. That’s out there, but you know, use these, do, do this, do this kind of research and, and find out truly who is your market?

So you’re asking him these questions, you know, what is the goal they’re trying to achieve with whatever it is that you do, your business, you know, and what’s number two is what’s stopping them from getting that, you know, this is kind of the roadblocks and their fears are. And then you ask them, what’s the number one thing that they want to learn about your business or your services. And then the last one we ask is what are, what are they worried about? You know, why what’s their number one fear when it comes to hiring a contractor or, you know, getting your house painted or getting your teeth fixed, whatever it is. And then the last one we ask is basically, what else do you want to learn about us? Now you can add a, another field down there with a name and add name, an email address. If they want their name attached, doesn’t have to be, I would always make that optional. Yeah. And

Which means don’t, don’t have that little required asterix. Yep.

If you want, it required all these other ones we make required because we want their answers. And then the optional one is like I know they say optional, but we’re looking at the top.

If you’re, if you’re asking for the name and email address at a lot of times, people aren’t gonna fill out the form

Because they, they may want you and you want them to tell honestly, and you may get answers too, but you’ve got to read through that. People will be stupid just, but you’ll, you’ll read through it. And then you’ll get a lot of good data from this.

As long as you leave it, as long as you leave it, where you don’t get their name and phone number. I mean, in all of our agency, clients that we’ve had, we really have not had any bogus.

So you do this, you, you make this form in whatever form you do. We have it in our dashboard. If you ever sign up with us and our software, there’s a ton of other ones, Google forms is free, make a form. And then you’re going to make a post on Facebook saying basically the same thing at the top. We’re trying to get better. Tell us what you want and drop the link to that. And then you can run that on your Facebook page and then you can boost it to get it to more people. So that’s technically running an ad, but this is something that should just stay there. And probably occasionally reboost it

More people, really, everybody should do it.

And the data you you’ll get from that is gold.

Yup. That’s a great line. I’m folded really once. So that’s good

To quote Angie. Yep. We’re ready to go. Anybody have any questions? We have anything else to add? I think we hit it all. Didn’t we, I think we kind of got off stage and telling stories, but I think it was relevant. Yeah. Most definitely. Getting questions, comment below, go to the forum. This is all our, all of our videos are in our forums and ask whatever you need. We are here to help. And

So the next video

Go run some customer research and get some, get some data.

We’ll see you next time. And we’ll be talking about, we’ll actually be doing a Facebook ads overview, getting ready

To get into Facebook ads. This is where it gets real


Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums.  Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. :)More from Pat Cherubini

About the author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums

Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.
Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. 🙂

More from Pat Cherubini

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