Facebook Ads Overview

Day 14 – Facebook Ads – What? Why? How? Now?

Day 14 – Boost Your Business LIVE!  Facebook Ads.

What are they? Why do you need them? How do you start using them?

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Hi everyone. How are you? It is day 14 of 30 days in 30 days. I don’t know why I can’t get it. There you go. Live I’m Angie. And this is Pat Cherubini and we’re going to go through,

We we’re on the wrong screen, but are we going to go through today? Today? We were talking about Facebook ads. So big topic. This is how to use them for your small business, your local business, and

One of the most confusing topics for everybody we’ve been running. We get it

Years and years and almost daily. I run into, you know, something new and they change things, move things around. You’re not allowed to say a lot of things and you just have to figure it out. And, but I say it all the time, your traffic is already on Facebook. All you gotta do is jump out and play in that traffic it’s already there. So it’s easier to find your customers on Facebook because they’re already there and to create things and try to create traffic out of your, out of thin air.

If time, if time is what is valuable to you, if you know, if time is money doing Facebook, ads is going to save you so much. You may be spending, you may be spending dollars with Facebook on ads, but the time that it saves you of not having to do you know, posts, and we get people asking all the time, wow, can you guys post for us social

Media management for $200 a month?

We’re telling you it’s it, it is worthless. It really, really is.

What’s our joke. You know, Nat today’s national fudge day.

I thought I could, I own this channel.

You see it all the time. Yeah. Happy flip-flop day. Happy dog day

It’s national ice cream day, which I would like that.

How much money has that actually brought you? You know, if you own an ice cream store and it’s national ice cream day means when you post it, when you post something like that on your business page that you know, today is national fudge day. And, you know, unless you freaking sell fudge, it’s not relevant at all. It’s just people that don’t know what to do. So they just, they know they have to do something. So they just,

Because they’ve been told to do something. And when you do that and you know, go back and look at your Facebook pages and look at those things that you’ve posted and just look at, who’s interacted with you. If it’s you and your mom

Are, they told to do that all whole lot of you have paid people to do that for you. Yes, stop. It is not helping anything unless it’s helping something. So, you know, go back and check and see what it’s doing. Your posts need to be relevant to what you offer, who you are. You know, it can still be personal. You know, if it’s relevant to your market and your business and do you yourself post it, it doesn’t have to be just crap to think that you’re going to get traffic from it.

So what are some types of Facebook ads? Patrick,

There are a lot of different types. Let me first explain what Facebook is doing with, if, if you don’t understand, I know that when you scroll through it, whether you’re on your phone or you’re on the desktop, whether you realize it or not, every fourth post is an ad. Now somebody is paid to show you that ad Facebook made billions of dollars because they created an ad platform that is very targetable. So they know what you are looking at on Facebook. They also know what you’re searching on Google. They know what websites you’ve been to. They know what you’re buying on your credit card and where they there’s so much data. They don’t know that it’s you personally, but they know that this number, you know, it’s not your, not your actual credit card number, but whoever is on this computer, it’s all tied together. They know a lot of things about you kind of scary, but it’s just the way it is

Scary. But you know what? Advertising has been that way over the years, you know, you’re on the radio. You you’re targeted on. You know, you listen to country radio, you hear me. You’re targeted

Country type person. If you’re listening to rap, the ads on there will be, you know, focused more on the type of people that listen to rap. If it’s rock and roll, there’s an age bracket, you know,

Don’t let people, don’t let people. This is a big thing for me is don’t let people try to say that that’s a bad thing. I don’t think it’s completely bad. It saves me time. I’m glad they’re showing me.

Actually, there’s a big fight right now, depending on when you’re watching this, that Apple is now blocking, targeting from Facebook and they’re in for a big fight about it because they don’t Apple. Doesn’t want to give Facebook their data. I get both sides. I think Apple’s ready to run their own ad platform. But the difference is you’re going to start seeing ads that aren’t relevant to you. Yeah. You’re already seeing ads. I’m sure you see a lot of them that you’re interested in. A lot of them, you’re not, but, but that’s the way it works. And when you’re scrolling through that, when if you see that ad, whoever that advertiser is just paid money. Yep. It’s per view. You don’t have to click on anything. So in order to get in front of Facebook’s audience, you have to give them money. So that’s what

We’re going to help. Well, we want to help you do teach

You to DEP. So that’s your Facebook business page. When you make a post, it will show it to a few. If boost it and give them some money, it expands and amplifies your reach. And that’s what it’s all about. And if you can get a targeted reach, that’s where you can actually create an ATM machine that you put a dollar in advance and you get money. You get more than a dollar back. And then your marketing budget becomes another

And you’re sending them to your website. Yep. That’s the big thing. And then it’s all big wheel.

Yup. Folks, you get that flow and you get the machine running and it’s just a game. If you can, if you can figure out your return on investment and you know, with small local businesses, it’s not usually a dollar for dollar, but you’re expanding your reach. You’re amplifying your authority. And when people need your services, they think of you.

Okay. Well now can you answer what type, what types of ads are out there? Okay.

Where am I at? Okay. So this Facebook page, this is ours. It’s always under promote. You know, there’s, there’s an ad center over here. You can click on, if you click on boost, it gets there, but you’re just going to click on something like this. And these are the different kinds of ads. If you’re just running ads from the front end and not in the business side of it, this is really all you need to do. And it’s pretty, self-explanatory you say, choose a goal. Don’t worry about automatic automated ads. Yet. That might be something in the future, but you choose a goal. What do you want to do? Get more bookings, get messages, get leads. Really. You can either boost a post that’s already there or get visitors to your website. And those are the two that we really focus on for local hometown businesses. You know, we’re not doing e-commerce where you’re looking at purchases or catalogs or anything like that. You’re just looking to get people to your website, where they can learn more about you.

Yup. And be targeted, reminded, or what we call a remote

Reminder. We have a also reminder ad that we run on our strategy that just, you know, once they’re to your website, you know, we explained that before, if and how you got to Amazon and you look at red shoes and then you go back to any other website and there’s an Amazon ad about the exact red shoes you’re looking at that’s retargeting because they know that you were just on Amazon looking at red shoes, those ones. Yup. So they just make, they use that data that connect the dots and then say, you know, Amazon’s paying ads to other places that says, if they go here, show them ads about what they were just looking at over here.

So he know you can use that to your advantage because if you see, if you start seeing ads from stuff that I’ve looked at, then you know what, maybe I would like for my, for mother’s day or my birthday. Sorry. Just had to throw that in there.

We say that all the time that, that Facebook and Google that track your data, they know way more about you than your spouse does because they see everything you’re looking at all the time. Yup. Yup.


And make a t-shirt for Angie that says, yeah. So these are the different kinds of things. All you, if you have a Facebook page, you probably already have an account that you can literally just click one of these or click boost underneath the post and put a little bit of money in, choose where you want to send that. Like, if you were sending people to the website, you come up to a page like this, it tells you, what do you want to do? Type in what you want, type in what or add what picture you want. You send it to your website and then you can choose people through targeting. And we get into that a lot more later, but it’s just basically, and you can hear, you can run it continuously. Sometimes that’s not there if it’s already a post.

And then if you you know, if, if you have a system, like what we have those people that actually go to your website and then maybe fill in a form or call you from your tracking phone number or chat with you on there. Then those people go into your dashboard. If you have something like what we have. So, you know, it’s cool. It’s cool.

So that’s it basically, there’s a whole lot more to it. We’re going to be teaching. We’re going to be showing you what to do on the simple side where what we concentrate on is setting it up properly in the beginning. You know, we’ve already been through the build pillar. We’re now in the traffic pillar. Once you set this up, all you gotta do is make sure there’s money in there where you’re sending traffic. Once they get to your website, we set, we let Facebook know that if they come to your website, show them another ad. We call it that a reminder ad. We remind them that you were there and then it just keeps on rolling. So as long as you’re driving traffic, keeping money in there, keep, can keep sending people to your actual website. You know, they get reminder ads over and over and over, and then you are everywhere and you are the ones that they think of when they need you.

Sounds good. So I think that’s it. What is the next video? Oh, so the next alive is how to

Set up your custom audiences in Facebook, which is how that reminder ad gets triggered. Oh, perfect. A little more technical, not very hard. You should only have to do it once. And it’s kind of a set it and forget it. And then, you know, there’s a whole lot deeper that you can go into it where you can be professionals like us, but you don’t have to. This is all meant to keep you from doing the happy fudge day crap posts that don’t get you anything focus on these few things that actually will drive business and worry about growing your business. Instead of being a fake social media manager, talking about fudge day,

Sounds good. They can spend their money on actual ads versus having some yeah.

The money you spend will end up growing your business. So this is something I,

I am going to get a t-shirt. I am gonna get a

T-Shirt that says that in case you haven’t heard, Angie said, yup. So go ahead and go boost the posts. Find a good post. You can look at your insights, find one that’s that got a lot of engagement. Make sure it’s got a link back to your website and put a few bucks in and post it and just to see how it works. If you have any questions, comment below, go to this post on our forums, just hometown revolution.com/forums, and you’ll find us there all the time. Peace later,


Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums.  Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. :)More from Pat Cherubini

About the author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums

Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.
Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. 🙂

More from Pat Cherubini

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