Boost Your First Branding Post

Day 16 – 🚀 BOOST Your First Facebook Branding Post

Day 16 – Boost Your Business LIVE!  BOOST Your First Facebook Branding Post

What’s a branding post and why do I need to do this?

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Hi everyone. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini with hometown revolution

That’s true. I’m always trying to get this correct. Today is boost your business in 30 days, episode number or day number 16,

16, baby. Now is when we start to get technical and serious. And this is the pillar too.

So this is boosting, your first branding post. So,

So what is it, what does the branding post? This is the start of our strategy that we use for our local clients. That is how to start off getting the word out and amplifying the fact that you exist. Because as we’ve talked about before, we know that having a profile is one thing. Having a business page is another, but anything you post on there doesn’t get very much reach, right? So we want to put out a certain type of, it’s a very basic branding post, and then we boost it to amplify it. So we get more people to see what you do. And it’s really simple.

These are the type of posts that we typically do with our agency. Clients are large clients that we have, and we started out with this and it, you know, honestly, we’re bringing this to you based on experience. And these have worked fantastic for four hours.

There’s so much you can do advertising. You can get very technical, but this is a great way to start branding. And I’ll show you what we’re talking about. Yep. Is there any otherwise that we need to cover? I don’t think so. So this is our Facebook page logged in as an admin. So you’re going to see all the extra stuff over here, but we made this simple post right here. This post just basically says, and you can mimic this, but it’s just a simple post saying, this is what we do. This is who we are. This is where we’re located. And now this is what we want you to do next, go to this link. Other than that, it’s really that simple, pretty easy. Use a picture with your face. As you can see

For us, we went a little bit more detailed. I used a website called Canva to create ours. You don’t have to, you can just use, I mean, we, we very well could have just used the picture of us holding the guide. We didn’t need anything.

You know, this is not exactly. We’re not exactly showing you what, you know, a local business are, where we have a download. So we’re a little bit different, you know, we’re making it for you.

You would have a, you know, for your business, you would want your phone number, your call to action on there.

Literally just a picture of you and your team. Smiling, looking at the camera, looking at the camera. So yeah, that’s all it is ours. You can, you can read it there. It’s just us saying, you know, this is what we want to do for you. This is what you need to do to get it. You know, this is who we are.

He tagged us. So you can see that

You can see that. And then the next line is what they’re going to learn and then what to do next. And then we’re, we’re sending it to a separate link, not always our home tab or our homepage, which most of the time, it’s just going to be your homepage when everything’s set up, right? Your pixel is already in there. So anything that you get from this, if they don’t immediately contact you, they still are going to get pixeled and being, you’ll be able to show them a reminder ad later, which we’re going to go over probably tomorrow. Oh, so that’s good. Just make a simple post again. I’ll re recap it. It’s to say who we are, what you do, where you’re located. If you have, you know, most local businesses have a circle, a radius that they actually do business in, and then what you want them to do next.

And then put a picture of you with your smiling face or team or somebody. And that’s it. So this is just a normal post right now. I actually have it. If you click this, you can pin it it’s pan right now. So it’s unpinned which means it stays at the top of this page, which is where I want it right now, because anybody that comes organically, this is the main thing that I want them to see. This is our branding and where I want them to go. Now we’re going to talk about boosting it. Yep. So this one is not boosted. You should have. If you’re an admin of your page, you should have a big blue button that says boost. All you’re going to do is follow the steps that should be your ad account right here. I’m not going to actually do all this, but I’m just going to show you what it is you CIT. I like to choose to get more visitors because I want people to go to the website. You can click whatever you want, make the button, depending on what your goal is. You’ll have different buttons. So I’m just going to click learn more.

That’s our address. We want them going to read this, or we talked about this in another video. If you’re doing anything with credit employment, housing, real estate agents, any of that Redis and make sure that you’re following Facebook’s rules or they will chop your knees off. And then the audience, you probably don’t have any custom audiences set up yet. So you’re going to want to choose people through targeting and just click it, followed the directions, click this pencil. You’re going to edit it. I think I went through this already with some of it, choose your radius. You know you don’t want it to go all over the United States, choose whatever city you’re in. Say Columbus, Ohio was the DMA, Columbus, the city, you know, and then you can slide the slider here. If you want to go tight wide, you can put your address in there. Whatever, however far you want to go. And then you choose the targeting based on whatever services you offer. You know you can put a few, you don’t have to put any, but this is just branding. It’s not focused on getting sales. Exactly. It’s just focused on people, seeing you

All the time and driving back to the, to your website or to the page on your website

And get more information. Once you figure out what you want, you know, you can get more detailed on that. And then you choose how long you want it to run. And this is total budget. Sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to choose a daily budget. Just figure it out, put in how, how long you want. This is something that you should plan on running for, you know, 10 bucks a day for as long as, as you want to run it. As long as it’s getting traffic to your website and getting people that are interested in you, it’s getting it out there. So it’s not a lot. It’s kind of like having a digital billboard and your area. So figuring out what your budget is and it’s trackable and it is trackable. You should have a pixel there. You can turn that pixel on, make sure your methods, right. Payment method and click boost. And that’s it. You are,

It’s really, really not hard.

So it will immediately go into review. It won’t automatically be running, but it’ll show review. You’ll get a notification when it’s done. Whether it, if it got accepted, if it didn’t just follow the rules and, and read the email, they send you and figure out why it happens.

Pat said it. It’s great because this is something that hopefully, you know, for a lot of you businesses out there, this is all you’re going to need. And then the one that we’re talking about tomorrow this is all that you need.

So I didn’t show you this. This is, you know, at what, $400, this is only set at two bucks a day that we’re just screwing around here. But you know, at that, you’re going to get 258 to 746, estimated people seeing it, not clicking on it, not doing anything, but if you’re scrolling through, you’re going to see it. So for a few bucks, you can get an extra 700 people to see your business and your message and have a chance to click on your link

And trust us it, they’re seeing you because you know, those clients that we have that are doing this, when they’ve had to turn it off and turn it back on, they, they can completely see a difference. So whether they’re clicking on your, your ad or not, they’re seeing it, people are seeing it. And it’s a reminder, it’s the same thing. I and I know all of you spend, you know, you think you got to spend money on billboards and, and you know, in different magazines and newspapers and things like that, you know what, yeah, exactly. It’s the same thing.

The more times somebody sees you, the more likely they are to come to you when they need you.

And honestly, think about this, think of it this way. How many people, you know, go to the next event that you’re at, or even at home when you’re sitting at home, where, where is everybody? They’re all on this phone. When they’re driving down the street, they’re not looking at billboards. Whoa, you owe me a Coke anyway. So, you know, think of it that way. It, even though I’m not saying billboards are bad, they’re fine. But number one, they aren’t trackable. And number two, everybody’s looking at their phones. I don’t care what they say. They are, especially in the younger generation. So especially if they’re a passenger. Yeah.

Yeah. So today next, your action step is to write a post, an organic post on your Facebook page, your business page, do the steps that we talked about and boost it, put a few bucks behind it. See what happens. You’re going to get some more traffic to your website. And then tomorrow we’re going to teach you how to set up reminder ads. So once you get to that website, this is where the magic starts to happen. Hometown revolution. It’s about that wheel spinning. Keep that

There is at it again.

That is what we’re going to talk about tomorrow, the reminder ad. And until then, if you have any questions, comments, share, this is all the stuff that helps us, and let us know what you need. And we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Peace.

Pat Cherubini
Author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums.  Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. :)More from Pat Cherubini

About the author: Pat Cherubini

Join me at the new Ultimate Online Marketing forums

Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution and supporter of local. Join me in the fight to polish up the hometowns across America and bring back a little Main Street USA glory that has been lost by spreading the word about your favorite small businesses and their owners.
Join us and learn how to get your own "customer catcher" so you can make more by doing less. 🙂

More from Pat Cherubini

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