Hometown Revolution Q and A with P and A

Q & A with P&A aka: Pat and Angie

This is day #10 of our Boost Your Business for 30 Days!  If this is your first time with us, what the heck is wrong with you? Just kidding…we are glad you are here and hope you enjoy it. (go back and watch 1 through 9!)

Join us as we ask questions and revisit previous questions we have had over the years in our business and in our group.  Helping the hometown, local businesses is where our heart is so sit back and listen to us highlight some of your questions.

ps…no transcript today, just go watch the darn thing already!

To get the full 30 days without even opting in just go to https://hometownrevolution.com/forums/byblive/

Angie Cherubini
Author: Angie Cherubini

Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution.

About the author: Angie Cherubini
Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution.
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