Are your google my business attributes up-to-date

Are Your Google My Business Attributes Up-To-Date?

Hi everyone. It’s Angie and I have a quick little tip for you today. I had to fix something for a client and I want to show you what I had to do, because I think a lot of other people out there may have the same issue, especially now having businesses coming out of COVID and the COVID guidelines in a lot of areas. A lot of you are possibly are restaurant owners or shop owners that you before didn’t have dine-in, but you do have it now and you need to get the checkmark right here. A lot of you may have an X and this client of mine had an X there on dine-in. Either they did, or it was automatically done a while back. And they didn’t even notice it. And it wasn’t until clients came in and told them that, “Hey, I would’ve come into your location, but you said you were not doing dine-in anymore or right now.” So this is a real easy fix.

All you have to do is go into your Google, my business account, and I’m going to go into mine. And you go to the info tab. and then you go down here to add attributes. Now your attributes may look different than mine, and that’s dependent on your business. And it’s dependent on the categories that you put your business in. So you can add different attributes, that they list here, health and safety if you want to. But where I’m talking about is usually down here in the services option. Since I am not a restaurant and I do not have a location, the dine-in is not there for me. So what you’ll probably see if you have an X there that you want to change, you would just click on it until it gets to the checkmark sign. And then you would hit a button to save it.

Typically it takes a good 12 to 24 hours, at least for Google to verify. Sometimes it can be faster than that. Sometimes it can take longer than that. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen right away. But if I were you, I would go to your Google, my business, make sure that you have your listing exactly the way you want it.

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About the author: Angie Cherubini
Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution.
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