Connect A Real Domain Name To Your Website

Hi guys, it’s Angie. And my quick tip for today involves domain names. How many of you have a website and your domain name has a.WIX in it, or a .site in it, or is possibly forwarding to Facebook? How many of you do that for your website or call it your website?   I’m going to show you on a Google search two people in the top part of a Google search are doing just that. If you have a website, get a domain name that is yours, you need to own that. I pulled up pressure washers near me that are on Google. And two of the three are doing something wrong. The good part is, they’re in the three-pack at the top, but the issues that I’m having with them is if you go to Chris’s affordable power washing, which I think I know this, Chris, and if you’re watching this hi, if you go to his website, look at his address here, that is not an address that you can tell people.

There is no way that you could tell people to go to this and that they would get to it. There’s absolutely no way. So Chris must have a Google my business website, which is great, but you have to connect the domain name to it. So it ends up being a .com or whatever dot you’re using. It shows up in the address line. And the reason you want to do that is maybe later on down the line, you switch your website from that platform, the Google platform, and you switch it to, let’s say a WordPress website or use switch it to a Wix platform. You do that. And you’re going to lose that ranking in the organic searches because that is considered your web address right there.

Now let’s look at the other one, the power zone power washing. You click on his website and it forwards to Facebook. You don’t want to do this. You, you definitely don’t want to do that because right now, Facebook is free. You can put your business on there, but who’s to say tomorrow that they won’t take that away from you. Or, you know, look how easily people are blocked. Businesses are blocked on Facebook. You don’t want to do that. You want to have your own website with your own domain on it. So if any of you out there have a website that is connected that way hit me up below because I’ll be able to help you and at least steer you in the right direction. Get that changed. And I hope this helps somebody out there. Have a great day. Bye!

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About the author: Angie Cherubini
Co-Founder of Hometown Revolution.
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