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[Sticky] Day 15 - Creating Your Custom Audience on Facebook

Pat Cherubini
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Day 15 - Boost Your Business LIVE!  Custom Audiences

What are they? Why do you need them? How do you start using them?

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Hey, Hey, Hey everybody. Welcome to day 15 of boost your business. 30 days, day 15, halfway done. Holy crap. So we are talking today about custom audiences in Facebook, and Angie's not going to do anything but say, yep,

I am. I don't. I'm not gonna say yeah.

So what are custom audiences? This is just a setting inside your business account, a Facebook where you can set up different groups of people that you can then target with ads. And you can use that based on being on your website, being on your Facebook page, watching videos on your Facebook page, you can even upload an email list to Facebook and say, target these people. That's really powerful if you have an email list. So this is just going to be real short and sweet. This is inside of your business manager. You're going to look for an audience and then you're going to create a custom audience. And this is to connect people. Who've already shown an interest in your business, blah, blah, blah, website, traffic, mobile app. So you literally click create a custom audience. And these are the different sources that you can use to create an audience. So an audience is Facebook's way of grouping people together. You know, there's a whole bunch of people on Facebook. There's a few people on your website and that part in the middle, where they intersect is going to be your audience, that you can then target. So it's kind of a bigger, more advanced thing, but the way we use it is for reminder ads. Yep. And there you go already.

So we call retargeting ads or remarketing ads. We actually call them reminders because the strategy we use is to build your funnel, your website, your one link, drive people to that. And once they've seen your website and been on it, if they're interested enough to look at it, then we want to show them ads later to remind them about you. And this is in local services. It's been really powerful.

It's so much easier to, to say reminder then retargeting.

There's, there's so much more you can do with audiences, but it's just like, don't worry about it. That's 80% of the crap. We're only going to work on work on the 20%. That's going to get you the biggest result. So these sources that we use are your website. You can also upload your customer list. Most of you, aren't going to have an act, you know, don't even worry about the offline activity. And then the Facebook page is another one we use. So you literally create an audience of people that have been on your website in X number of days. Now I'm like, I don't need to show how to do it. It's really easy to walk through. You can always look, you know, we have all the information in our membership if you're interested, but after you've done the pixel and it works, that's what your pixel does.

So the audience is coming from your pixel. So you can watch that. Yep. You got the pixel training. You have to get your pixel and it has to be on your website. So the broad view of this is you can say pick, pick a, you can just say, if somebody's been on this page of your website, you can show them a reminder ad if somebody has been on this page, but not this page, you know, say if you had an opt-in form, you could show the people a different ad that you knew had already tried to opt in, but didn't finish. That's like a, an abandoned shopping cart. So it gets, it gets a lot more technical. There's a ton of stuff you do. The real simple thing is to run a reminder ad to people that have already been on your website. Yep.

That's short and sweet that's

And this will boost your business. I [inaudible].


So that was real, real short. It is. And it can get very complicated, but do it this way. And you will boost your business, just do the little bit to get a reminder ad going to people that have been on your website or engaged on your Facebook page. And then you're going to get, they're going to get reminded of your business and you guys all the time. So tomorrow,

So really, and probably let them know now, you know, these videos that we're doing, or these lives that we're doing now are only going to be found in the group. We previously were putting them live out on our Facebook page. So we switched that to put them in the groups. It's getting to be secret. The benefit for you, if you know of anybody that would, you know, that could benefit from this and invite them to the group. So just want to let you know that from here on out,

This is getting into our strategy and our tactics that we don't want everybody to know, but you guys it's, it's nothing fancy, but it's a real simple way to boost your business tomorrow. We're going to talk about running your first ad. Woo. So we're going to boost it and then we're going to start boosting your business. And then we're going to start rolling from there. Any questions, comments, comment below. Share this with,

You know, what comment. Yep. Yep. If you need help.

So that's it. We will see you tomorrow.



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