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How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Pat Cherubini
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You must have a FB business manager account to do anything above "boosting" a post.  In this video I walk you through the set up and get your special code you'll need later to run more powerful ads!




Okay, now that you've got everything set up, you need one more thing. And that is a Facebook business manager account. This is what allows you to do more than just boost a post. This gives you the ability to retarget somebody, which is like when you're going to Amazon, and you're looking at a pair of red shoes on Amazon, and then you go back to another website or even Facebook, and then you see those same red shoes in an ad that's retargeting. And that's done through a piece of code that you get, and you can only get through your Facebook business account. So I've included a link below that tells you a little bit more about it. This is the page that you'll see, it's your guide to be in or your, your guide to Facebook business manager. It'll tell you a little bit what it is, what you can do.

You're going to look at it as a business owner, not an agency. You can assign other people, other roles. So you can read through this and figure out exactly what you can do with it. But for now you need to go to and create a business manager account. Probably you just need to log in because you should already have a Facebook account. So once you log in, it'll just ask you a couple of questions and you fill it out and you're going to have an account. And then you go into your account and you're going to go to somewhere. It'll say business settings, depending on where you're looking, you need to have a business settings. It always moves. So I can't necessarily show you all the time, but it will be somewhere on the left. Usually click into that. And then you need to add a few things.

You need to add people that can run your business account, which is probably just going to be you. And that's fine. You need to add your pages, your Instagram. You need to create an ad account inside of your business manager and set up a couple of things. So I'm going to walk you through it real quick. The first thing you want to click on is people. And then if you are not, if your name is not already here, you need to add yourself, which is just use your email address that you have as your Facebook login, and it should pop up and you want to have admin access and then you click next and that will add you to it. You should see yourself over here. If you're already over here, you can click this, just go down and make sure that you have full control to manage the page.

Then you want to go and add a page. The, that you may have just created or whatever you have as your business page, you need to have access to it and connect everything. So if it's, if it's already listed here, that's good. Just click on it and make sure that you have people assigned to it the same way you can add yourself or whoever you want to manage it right here. If it's not there, you got to click add, and you can add a page that your business already owns or create a new page. You should already have that. So you just add it, fill out the information and it will be there. The next thing you need to do is add an ad account. Now this is where you actually spend the money and you give money to Facebook, to run ads. So you just click add button.

If you already have one, it should already be showing here. If you don't, you click create a new ad account, fill out the information, click next. It's going to ask you probably for payment information. If not, just fill it out. You're not going to be charged anything. It doesn't cost anything to have this. It only costs after you start running ads. So fill out all the information. Then you go down here to Instagram, same deal, add your Instagram, connect yourself. If you have one, if you don't, don't worry about it, make sure that's all connected. And then you're going to go down here to data sources and click on pixels. You're going to want to add a pixel. So this is what is the code that you need to retarget people and track what's going on with your ads. So all you need to do is click add, fill out this information.

Once you're done, it's going to give you a pixel number, which is something like this. It'll say, right? There's your pixel number, click on that. Copy it and paste it somewhere. If you want, you can always come back to it. If you click on pixels, but this number is going to be important. And then there's some other things that we can do. You can also add people to the pixel. If you want to share it right now, you don't need to worry about it. And then the last thing is wanting to go to pixel or go to payment methods. If you haven't already done. So, and add a payment method, this is just going to be the business credit card that you're going to pay for ads. So once you have all that done, you are set up, you have your ad account, you can then run ads more than just hitting that boost button. So this is something we're going to teach you more later and show you some more advanced tactics that we use, that we can get more traffic and we can get repeat traffic and you can grow your authority and eventually grow your sales. So if you have any problems, of course, go to the forums, ask us, figure out what, what you need help with. And we will gladly help you. Other than that, I think you're all set up and we will see you on the next video.

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