Who has the best pizza in Newark?

When it comes to pizza it seems everyone loves something different.  Thick crust?  Thin crust?  How about cracker crust?  That’s a central Ohio thing, right?

Then comes the sauce styles, sweet or savory, heavy or light?  Then the toppings, and even… PINEAPPLE on your pizza?! 🍍 🤣  Those are fighting words!

But we can all agree…

best pizza in newark ohio

So now we throw down!

Choose your favorite local pizza place below (no national chains!) and vote by leaving your best review, what about it you like, why you like it, and why others should try it.  You can even upload some tasty photos of it. You do have to create an account because we want real reviews from real people.  Fake screen names and fake reviews are so… no bueno.

They will be ranked by the stars and the number of great reviews they get.  Simple as that.

By the way, we at Hometown Revolution don’t publish national chains or bad reviews.  Not trying to hide anything but we are doing our best at helping get the word out about local businesses and we always #supportlocal.

If you have something negative to say about any place I’m sure you can find “other sites” to post on.  #nonegativityallowedhere 😘

If your favorite pizza joint isn’t listed yet by chance let them know that they, or any hometown business, can submit a listing to our site for free.  Help us help hometown businesses. 🙌

Good luck!  🍕

And the best pizza in Newark, Ohio is…

Panther Pizza

Circles & Squares Pizza Co.


Capogna’s Dugout

Plaza Pizza


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