Queens Pizza & Restaurant

It was the summer of 1978 when Anna and Dimitrios Loukataris made their dreams a reality. Both immigrants of Greece, they came to America in the late 1950โ€™s to capture the opportunities that many others had come to seek at that time. A seamstress and plumber by trade they both worked very hard to raise a family and make ends meet. After several years in Gary, Indiana, and jobs becoming scarce, they decided to migrate to Clearwater, Florida.

Here Dimitrios was able to continue his plumbing much more successfully. This allowed Anna to stay home and raise their 3 children and instill the values of being proud, respectable, Greek Americans. Working part time at different local restaurants, Anna came to discover that she to could capture part of the American dream of entrepreneurship. With a strong work ethic and a love for quality ethnical food and of course the support of her family, Queenโ€™s Pizza became a reality.