Kinect Rehab

We fix nerve, muscle, & joint pain! We are a chiropractic rehab facility that specializes in dry needling technique, myofascial release/medical massage, and therapeutic interventions. We consult on supplements and mild metabolic issues pertaining to nerve, muscle & joint pain.

CrossFit Veneration

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Balanced Living Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Balanced Living Chiropractic and Wellness is dedicated to promoting healing, and improving the quality of life of all ages and populations through specific adjustments, natural and functional medicine by seeking the root cause of all ailments.

CrossFit Torsion

Experience a workout that gives measurable results, builds confidence, and will allow you to get in the best shape of your life at YOUR own pace.

Danja Yoga

Danja Yoga is a space where people can gather and celebrate who we are; individually and collectively. We provide support to each person on their journey by offering yoga, mindfulness, and reiki. Our signature style invites students to practice yoga and mindfulness – even if they can’t touch their toes or sit still!

Core Values

Everyone is meant to be here.

Danja Studios’ leadership and instructors committed to the idea that practice in yoga and meditation be accessible and available to all. We will maintain a culture of working through our individual shadows so that we may support everyone on their developmental path. This is true regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, political views, and religious beliefs.

There is goodness in everyone.

Every human being begins life as pure potential. Over time, we are shaped by our genetics and environment — often unconsciously creating negative habitual reactions. We will each strive to see the conditions behind each other’s behavior and encourage our inner goodness to shine brightly.

Foster compassion and inclusivity.

To effectively teach yoga and meditation we must each develop our own innate qualities of compassion and interbeing. We will each use this community to practice manifesting compassion and inclusivity.

Value and respect all.

Our yoga and meditative traditions teach us that there is ultimately no difference between self and other. When this is realized, we understand that caring for ourselves is caring for others. We also understand that engaging in self-care is not selfish. We will respect and value ourselves by fostering a community that: speaks straight, listens generously, is for each other, honors commitments, and acknowledges/appreciates one another.

Calm the stress of chaotic lives.

The classic aim of yoga and meditation is to address the dis-ease of the human condition, bringing us to an inner alignment so that we may experience deep contentment.

Danja programs pursue real-life benefits for teachers and students. It’s not enough to come “check out” on the mat or cushion; we have to learn to apply it in our daily lives.

Empower and support others.

Individuals will come to recognize their sovereignty through the support of the Danja community. We will empower and encourage each other to follow our calling, deepen our relationships, and be active in our communities.

Teachings are kept close to their roots.

Danja recognizes that 21st century America is uniquely poised to provide unique cultural adaptations to traditional practices. We also know that 5,000 years of tradition have proven the success of classical methods. We will honor our practice’s origins by deepening our own understanding of them. From this understanding will emerge integrity and authentic sharing.

Celebrate where everyone is on their path.

Enlightenment is the recognition that we are miraculously aware; an unfolding process of the clarity and unconditional loving compassion of human beings. As such, everyone is exactly where they need to be and can be nowhere else. Even though we may be perfect, just the way we are, we can use some work, too. Let’s celebrate together on this path that unfolds before us!