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3 Reviews on “Louie's Pizza”

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    Greg Dawson 1 month ago

    Louies pizza uses the best quality ingredients and they create the most consistent product I have ever seen. They are always very clean and customer service oriented. I have never had a bad pizza from there in my whole life, and I grew up having Louies every Sunday. This is a legendary family business in our city that produces the best pizza we have had in this area.

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    Douglas Smith 1 month ago

    Louie’s is absolutely the best pizza in town. The oldest pizza shop, who only take cash and pickup only. You’d think that would hurt their business, but they are always busy. Their pizza is alway consistent, fresh toppings, best sauce and crust. Their subs are awesome too!

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    Sheena Abel 1 month ago

    Louie’s is the best…has been for 60 years…the recipe never changes..their sauce is perfect and I love the fact that they have the cleanest shop around….you could eat off the floors it’s so clean and They are the nicest people you’ll ever want to meat

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