Grindhouse Coffee Clearwater

A unique Coffee Shop Cafe featuring Kawha Locally roasted coffee, cafe, crepes, housemade ice cream and fresh baked goods in an awesome and unique setting

Southside Coffee Brew Bar

Southside Coffee Brew Bar opened its doors in January 2015 in a tiny and rather inconspicuous space located next to the famous “Munch’s,” one of St. Petersburg’s oldest diners. The quaint neighborhood of Coquina Key located on the “Southside,” also referred by some as “the hood,” was in desperate need of a good coffee shop and a local hang out.
Once their local post office, I saw it as a perfect space for a coffee shop, also doubling as a Brew Lab for after-hours consulting and training programs.
I was certain that my passion, 25+ years’ experience, and the ability to throw down one of the best cups of coffee around town would allow me to create a destination spot. Where people would be served the best coffee drinks along with getting some of the best customer service in St. Pete; and most certainly, “The Best Coffee in the Hood”!
At Southside Coffee, we are always chasing perfection. Coffee is one of those products where 100% quality, consistency, and freshness matter.

22nd Street Coffee

22nd Street is a coffee destination experience in Historic Ybor City. Travel with us for unique flavors to savor and enjoy.

Restoration Cafe

We’re focused on two things here at Restoration Cafe: coffee and community. One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk in is the radiant ambiance welcoming every customer in. You’ll find freshly brewed coffee, hand-crafted espresso drinks, and the friendly conversation we serve up with every drink. Our commitment to community is true for all parts of our shop, which is why we specialize in direct-trade coffee, building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the producers who grow our beans. It also means you get high-quality coffee that’ll be exactly what you need to wake up in the morning.

Restoration Cafe first opened in the Summer of 2017. We make really great coffee Monday thru Saturday. We specialize in direct-trade coffee roasted by Hemisphere Coffee Roasters.

Knee Deep Coffee Shop

We started as a father and son brewing our own coffee and selling online. Our passion for the beans drove us to open our own coffee place. Because we are family-owned, our coffee shop has a family atmosphere and treat every customer as part of the family. Our team of baristas and staff go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your visit, drinks, and food. Enjoy our outdoor seating and FREE Wifi.


We are a happy, fresh health food eatery with a lovely little Hawaiian twist! JOYFULLY serving organic, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan & GF options! Aloha!!!

Pearly’s Beach Eats

Pearly’s Beach Eats opened on Clearwater Beach in 2014, on the tiny corner of Papaya Street and Poinsettia Avenue. Housed in a Key West-inspired cottage, our original location offers counter service and outdoor seating surrounded by tropical foliage that happily provides shade to our visitors. Get some Gulf Coast Grub!

Lucky Lobster Co.

As immigrants from Ireland and first-generation Americans, the Morans have always felt luck was on their side. Raised on hearty Irish fare and some of the freshest local ingredients, the Morans developed a passion for creating recipes from the highest quality seafood available. In 1957 the dream became a reality when they opened Moran’s in New York City. Fifty-eight years later, they headed south to find their new paradise in Dunedin, Florida. Captivated by the beauty and the hospitality of their newfound home, they felt honored when allowed to offer the same New England style dining experience in the warmth of the south. As this new chapter was well on its way, as was their new restaurant’s construction, they had yet to give it a name. In late 2016 a fisherman not far from their old home caught a giant sapphire-colored lobster so rare that it was dubbed “The Lucky Lobster.” The Morans saw this as both a sign and a blessing, and thus The Lucky Lobster, a Dunedin Florida fresh seafood restaurant, was born.

Windward Bar & Grille

A contemporary neighborhood eating and drinking establishment located on beautiful Island Estates in Clearwater, Florida

Cooters Restaurant and Bar

Welcome to Cooters Restaurant & Bar! If you’re looking for great food, friendly service, and a fun atmosphere, you’ve found the place! Established in 1993, Cooters Restaurant & Bar is a Family Owned & Operated, and Family-Friendly Restaurant known for delicious Seafood, scrumptious Drinks, sizzling hand-cut steaks, classic Southern Hospitality.