do's & Don'ts of Facebook ads

Day 18 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads

Join us for Day 18 of the Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

Today’s topic is one of the most sketchy and controversial topics on social media…  What you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do when running ads on Facebook.

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Hi there. Hi everyone. What’s going on, everybody.

It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini. And it’s the 30 days alive boost your business day. Number course I say it wrong every time.

Boost your business in 30 days live

And today’s topic is the do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads. So probably something a lot of people need to hear about

Run into it. You’re going to, this is just something that happens. We’ve gone over how to run your ads, how to do your branding, how to do the reminder and the follow-up ads. This is basically what happens when things go wrong or what you’re allowed to do, what you’re allowed not to do.

And we, we definitely know all about this because we, you know, if, if you guys know us and follow us at all, we do agency work for larger businesses. So we do run the ads for people. And then, you know, obviously if, if you’ve seen some of our other stuff, now we’re teaching people how to do it. Yeah, we’ve had a smaller scale, but

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads and Facebook and Google not nearly as bad for what we’re talking about today, but Facebook is very particular about what they allow you to advertise and what they don’t. And the issue is, is it’s almost like a strike against you. If you run something they don’t like, they can disable your con your whole ad ad account and your profile, and sometimes your profile. It’s usually your ad account first. And I’ve had some, my, my personal ad account has been,

That was years ago. Wasn’t it? I tried to boost an ad for

A oh yeah. Physical therapy,

Just trying to be a nice guy. And it said something about pain that they didn’t like. And I still, I never got it back. And that’s the issue is with Facebook is once it’s gone, usually you it’s just, you never get it back. So we try to be really careful, especially when we’re running ads for, you know, when we’re running it as the agency, we’re running ads for somebody real careful and not getting their account banned.

We really try to, we try to focus in on a lot of brand awareness and we talk about that more and in other things, and we get more in detail, but that usually is pretty safe.

Well, I’ll just show you what, where to find the information it is constantly changing. Then we’ll tell you a few stories about some, some of the things that has happened to us and kind of the crazy thing. So I’ll put the there’s two links that you need to find below and put them below.

And it’s, and I, I think, are you, is that the first in the policies that you’re showing them first?

Yeah. They’re both policies.

This is something I would bookmark it if I were you. And especially if you’re listening to us and you’re another agency like us book it or bookmark it, not bucket book market,

Just call it their advertising policies. And it’s This is the one that everybody tells you to look for. We ended up finding out there’s another one that we had to learn how to use, because we got somebody banned. So if you’re running ads read through this, understand it there’s a lot. You may not understand, but try to understand it, you know, right there it says, understand our policies. The main thing is, if something happens, you’ll get an ad disapproved. There’s a review policy. They’ll usually send you a, an email and then it’ll usually tell you why they banned it. Or they just say, disapproved is what the word is. So they’ll disapprove the ad, make sure that you read through everything. They say, it’s going to link back probably to this page. And it’s going to say, this is what rule. You broke. Figure out what it was and fix it.

And then you can you get it reassessed. And usually it’s okay if you do it too many times, Facebook basically just doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. And they’ll ban you. So it’s when we’re running the branding ads. That’s, that’s one reason we teach you to do it that way, because it’s a little bit safer. If you’re running direct response and e-commerce stuff, then it gets a little bit more iffy. But you know, that’s usually why you pay agencies to do it. So just go through here, the main things, you know, it tells you what reviewed even the landing page, which we’ve had that give us issues before. Botox is, is the latest one. You know, we ran an ad for a med spa. It wasn’t about Botox. It was about something else, you know, CoolSculpting or whatever it was. The ad was clean.

Nothing happened, but because the website had a page about Botox on it, I got disapproved. And that’s just, you know, they, they look at what’s on the website as well as what’s on the ad. So they’re a little bots go deep and they’ll find it. So don’t try to hide anything. Google was the one that did that, actually. So it tells you what to do. If your ads rejected, the prohibited content, we’ll just go through this kind of real quick. This here, if you follow Facebook at all, their community standards is the big thing that they hide behind for everything, their politics, their hate speech there everything that you hear, people getting banned for. It’s because you broke their community standards. Okay?

It’s crazy you guys, because there’ll be, you know, you’ll see other companies out there that will get away with stuff. And you know, we don’t know why we don’t know why some companies can get away with something. Well, yeah, we do know why, but it happens and it’s just something you gotta deal with

Their playground and you got to paint it for me so you can gripe about it. But you just got to try to follow the rules when they tell you what the rules are. You got to try to stay between the lines and do it. Most people that we’re talking about, local businesses, contractors document, it’s nothing weird anyway. So just, just watch your step. And you know, these are mostly, you know, common sense, you know, tobacco, drugs, supplements. That’s one thing that we run a lot of people that want to run supplements. I’ve never been able to run them. They say you can’t run them. If they’re, if they’re supplements and then you click around and you see somebody running supplement ads happens all the time. I don’t, you know, you just try it. If that’s what you’re doing and, you know, see if you can get it through. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t weapons. Ammunition was another one. Yeah,

This was crazy. This was before all this was before all the political stuff. This was years ago

Or this stuff was just normal day stuff. We had a client that we were running ads for. No problem. He had a gun safe company. He has a gun safe company. W w I knew to be careful with it mentioned nothing about guns, no pictures of guns. It was just a safe. And he got disabled and couldn’t run ads for a long time. He did get it back. Yeah. I mean, it literally says, it literally says, if you read the learn more, it would, it basically said that the gun sakes were okay, but they still disabled it,

Which is crazy because of all those t-shirt companies that had the guns all over

Girls holding guns, selling t-shirts. So you just gotta be careful. The, the way around it is, you know, you try it and then you ask for forgiveness later. You just don’t do it very many times. All this adult content sense, you know, sensational personal attributes is another one. We run into a lot, anything that deals with fitness diet before and afters, just flat out can’t do it.

And that’s, that’s good to know. Cause I don’t think a lot of people realize that, oh, we know a lot of people don’t worry.

Yeah. If you are like a physical trainer and you have gotten people from fat to ripped abs and you have proof of it doesn’t matter. You cannot say money towards it because they call it a claim. So you can’t show before and afters. You can’t talk about before and afters. You just have to talk about what you do and how you can tell a story about how you did it, but you cannot tell Facebook that I can do this for you. That’s just a lot,

Again, guys. It is crazy. There are, there are, you’ll see all kinds of people that are able to do it and it’ll just drive you nuts because it drove us nuts. Our kids have had a it was called barbells of America. It was a clothing t-shirt and apparel company that they had started. And we could not there. They could not advertise pictures there. We just had cutoffs. It wasn’t even, it was a cutoff. T-Shirt showing a little bit of belly.

Well, one was our son without a shirt on, you know, there’s other stuff, you know, your, your landing page needs to work. You can’t have grammar. You know, if you’ve spelled things wrong, too bad, they’ll, they’ll get you for that. Right. There’s your, before and after payday loans, Mo MLMs, all this stuff,

It’s really an interesting page and it goes on and on and on. So I mean, you really, there you go. Number 30 vaccine discouragements

Can’t have that. So it will show other stuff. This is, you know, going on and on video, it’ll tell you all this stuff. The one that caught us off guard was we had a farm and this has been a couple of years ago. And we had a campaign going for them that they were doing a giveaway. And there’s, you know, if you’re giving away stuff, you’ve got to have lots of, lots of disclaimers. And we were kicking butt on this campaign. We were getting hundreds and hundreds. I think the first day we got like 600 leads for what they sold sign ups. And it was just going like gangbusters. And it ran for a couple of months just running. Great. And then they disappeared. They disabled the account. They didn’t disapprove the ad. They shut down the account said you are never allowed to ad advertise anymore. When I dug into it, I found this page, which is the commerce policies. You know, it doesn’t, it’s hard to find, I looked and looked and I asked this and this was it right here, animals in animal products. Okay.

Maybe we should put the links to both of these when we oh, okay.

So body parts and fluids, you know, mother’s milk is the only thing I want to talk about, but you know what, people, this is the one you’re not allowed to sell animals, you know? And I know that people are selling puppies and it’s just a matter of time. We actually have somebody that does that. And I can’t run ads for her because I know that I’ll get hurt. Her account plan blocked. She’s doing it a little bit. It’s it’s going to happen. The company that we were selling for, they weren’t selling animals, but they were selling animal products. And it was a boar like pigs, seaman. They were a big national player in breeding show. Pigs is what it was. And we’d big bucks selling so fast.

We built their email lists. So,

And this was all people that wanted to what, what it was, was, comes in less straw. And they artificially inseminate show pigs and straw. Yeah. Yeah. And nevermind, we won’t get into that. So the whole, the whole industry, that’s what they do. They artificially inseminate horses when there’s the, you know, the winning stallion, everybody wants that. And that stuff is worth a lot of money and they make a lot of it. And they were given away their top show, pigs, seaman, and everybody wanted it. And they went crazy for it. And

They had, I mean, they already were a very well-known farm that has a very, very good reputation, actually all across the country. So it was very easy to build that list and based off of Facebook and their, their interactions already with Facebook and it, it was unfortunate. But the good thing is, is we were, we did get, we were saving and we were getting all those, all those leads. So that was good. And we built, we built their list.

So that was that story. So, you know, all this other stuff, alcohol just gotta read through it. If it pertains to you, you got to figure out a way around it. Most of it, you know, human exploitation. That’s a good thing. That’s a good thing that you’re not allowed to advise dogs and drug paraphernalia. So basically

Doing what, like what we, what we teach with our people that we work with on both our agency side and with hometown revolution, with our software side, it it’s really good to do brand awareness. It, it, you cannot, you really can’t mess up with brand awareness.

Yep. You can take a, especially locally, if your business is already successful and doing well, amplifying it with ads, it’s just going to make it better. If you’re brand new and don’t have a business and have a poor business running ads is just going to make you feel faster. It’s just the way it is. So we, we do the branding and we do the follow-up ads, the reminder ads, and we have a system that tracks it all and helps you communicate with them. And that’s what you need to do so well when you’re running ads, before you do it, run through this, make sure you understand everything and be careful.

So what is in store for them on the next video

Tomorrow, we’re talking about Google ads, a whole different ballgame. So that’s all we got for today. You have any questions in the comments as always and help spread the love, share this with a business owner that you know, and we will see you next time.

Reminder Ads

Day 17 – Reminder Ads

Day 17 of Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

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Welcome back everybody to day 17 of boost your business in 30 days.


Hey at the go button on Angie real quick, she hasn’t even prepared yet,

Which is sometimes a better thing for me. So day 17 is all about reminder ads

Kind or ads. This is a huge part of our strategy that we use for people in our agency accounts, own account and what we teach our customers to use in their own dashboard accounts.

Some of you may have heard it called something else.

Facebook calls it re targeting because you recycle it. Google ads calls it remarketing. We call it reminders because of the way we use it. And it is the ads that you see. Like when you go to Google,

You complain about that. We hear everybody, we laugh.

Same time. It’s like when you go to YouTube, YouTube, you go to Amazon and you shop for whatever you shop for red shoes. And you look at these red shoes and then you go back to Facebook and lo and behold, there’s an ad about those exact red shoes from Amazon that gets you to click, go back to Amazon and then buy

Or from another store that decides, Hey, that person liked red shoes. Let’s show off.

That actually is becoming less and less of a thing, but it was the new Apple update, but that’s all technical stuff that doesn’t really matter for what we use it for. So this is just going to be a quick video showing you not exactly how, but kind of how inside ad manager, which is a little bit technical. But if you follow it up all the days up to now, you should already have a pixel installed, which that is where the information comes from to run reminder ads on Facebook. We haven’t gotten into Google ads yet, which they also need. They call it a tag. It’s the same thing as a pixel. We haven’t done that yet. It’s just a piece of code that tracks who’s been not who, but people that have been to their website. So they know that we can show them ads.

Again, later we use this in our flywheel analogy, which is basically once we, and if you’ve followed us, we have our social funnel. You know, what else have we talked about? We’ve got our website, we’ve got our pixels. We do our social posts. And we’re always driving people back to a link. Just your website, your website, whatever your one link was, your offer, your main website, your funnel, you know, it can be anything, but this is the reason we say constantly tell people, go to your website, you get them to your website. That little piece of tracking code then says, Hey, this person has been to your website, which means they’re interested in it. They interested enough to go and click on something in your post. It could have been from your, you know, if you’re a contractor, you got your web address on your truck.

You know, if you’ve got a billboard and you got your web address, if people have searched on Google, anybody that has been to your website is a pretty warm lead. Even if you don’t have their data yet. So once they’ve been there and then go back to, we’re just talking Facebook right now, you go back to Facebook, then you can show them a reminder ad that says, Hey, remember us, Hey, you’re on our website. It doesn’t have to be anything pushy. It’s just another impression that they see. And there’s lots of static. There are lots of data out there about how many times people actually need to see you before they take action and reach out. And

We love to do it because our, you know, just in terms of the agency, clients that we have, we, you know, we’re big on, on brand awareness, brand identity. We not that hard in your face, buy my stuff type of ads. We don’t like to do that. Buy my, buy my. Okay. you know, we’re not into doing that and that’s, we don’t do that with our clients unless they ask for something like that. But for us, it’s not been successful doing that. So we like the reminder ads that, you know, it’s like a S like a soft sell, you know, you’re, you want people to get to know you and get to like you. And,

And this comes from the advertising industry. Like if you’re watching a TV show for those of you that still watch TV, you know, they show the same ads over and over. You know, whether it’s for Coca Cola or Chevrolet or Cadillac or whatever, as you go through your week, watching TV, you’ll notice, you’ll see the same ad over and over again. There’s a reason they’re doing that. They know that the more times you see their ad, you’re going to be who they think of when the time comes, that you need to make a choice on whatever it is. And it could be years from now, but it’s just all branding.

Okay? So are you, are you showing them, what are you showing them? Are you showing them today?

This is, if you follow followed along, you should already have a business account. So this is I’m not going to go into all of that, how you get it. It’s different. It’s a pain in the, the time because everybody sees something different and there’s no rhyme or reason. And then they change it once you figure it out. But once you get into in your ads manager, if you click on the business tools, a little hamburger menu right here, and you click on audiences, see it shows up here. Sometimes it will show up down here. Sometimes you gotta look for it, but you click on audiences and it takes you to this page. And what we’re going to do since your pixel pixels already installed. If it’s not, it has to be is you’re going to create a custom audience. And it’s literally click that blue button.

I think I’ve got some already made. I’ll just show you what happens. And then you’re going to click the sources of your audience, which is going to be your website. Don’t worry about anything else, click next. And then this is where it’s going to pull in your pixel. This is a demo account. So my pixel is not actually working it’s red, but if you have other pixels, that’ll be there. Think it’s there. So choose your pixel. People who met meet any of these. And you’re just going to click website visitors. So basically anybody that’s been to your website, you can choose people. Who’ve been to specific websites, time spent. This is all stuff that gets a lot more advanced, but you just want to have people that have been to your website in how many days, depending on what kind of business you are. We are, we, the software side is a little bit quicker, but our agency side, it’s a big ticket and it’s a big investment for people and they need to see us a lot.

So you can go out to six months, 180 days, we choose 180 days. If it’s something that is emergency service, you may set that at seven, you may set it at 1430, whatever. You can also build multiple ones of these. So let’s just say, we’re going to go 30. You click create audience. And then that’s what you have. And you end up with audiences here. This is another account. I’m just going to show you real quick. How you do it. You click create an ad, go to traffic. We’re going to have lots of training on this stuff later. But when you get to your ad set, you’re going to have, who is your audience? And you can literally click an existing audience, which is, you know, for this one, it’s going to be website visitors. So that then as you finish the ad, don’t worry about all of it now, but that’s really how easy it is. Once it’s set up, you say, I’m going to run this ad to people that have already been to my website. And then once you publish it, you know, it’s depending on your area, a buck a day, 10 bucks a day, you know, a hundred bucks a day, whatever you’re selling, you know, and it’s worth it. You figure out your return on the investment and that’s what it is. And then once it’s running and it’s accepted,

It just keeps running and running. It’s, it’s what it is.

It just keeps showing up over and over again. And then if they come back to your website, that resets that time clock. So they’re going to, they’re interested again. They’re going to keep seeing it. So it’s something that you don’t want it to burn out and have, you know, Facebook is not going to show it to the same person 10 times a day. They’ll just, they’ll go find somebody else to show it to. But that’s the idea of it is to remind them about your business

Period. I said,

Yep. Yep. So I don’t know if anybody questions to your site. Yep. Remind them to get back. You can do it. If you go to our, our site, hometown, you’re going to get reminded because we have reminders running. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, comment below tomorrow we’re talking about other ads and other offers kind of the do’s and don’ts, this is people that, that do things they’re not supposed to on Facebook that ended up getting your ad account blocked. So we’re gonna touch on that, on what you’re doing, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do. And then we’re going to keep on rolling. So day 17, we are done

Out bye-bye.

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