The superpower of the autoresponder by hometown revolution

Day 07 – The Super Power Of The Autoresponder

Day 7 of Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

The super power of the autoresponder.  Did you know that 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact with the prospect?  Did you also know that 92% don’t call 5 times?!

That’s money left on the table.  You need an autoresponder to help with some of those contacts.  Listen in as we explain what they are and why you need them.

They are simple and anyone can build one!

Join Pat Cherubini and Angie Cherubini and learn all about autoresponders.

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Yesterday’s video was about getting your web chat set up.


Pat Cherubini:

What’s going on, everybody. Welcome to boost your business in 30 days live I’m Pat Cherubini.

Angie Cherubini:

Hopefully you already know that by now because you’ve been watching it.

Pat Cherubini:

So hopefully you’re not getting tired of seeing us pop up, but we’re going to keep doing it. We are on day number seven,

Angie Cherubini:

And it’s about the super power of the autoresponder auto response. What is it? Can you tell it can tell us, Pat, what is the autoresponder?

Pat Cherubini:

So an auto responder is a very powerful tool that almost none of our clients use. Try we bag it is basically an email sequence that you set up before anybody ever gives you their data. So we’ve been talking about capturing data and having customers fill out forms that lets them know that you’re interested or that they’re interested. And once that happens, I guess I can explain it. Like if you’re, uh, looking at a restaurant and they have the offer of, you know, join our email list, we’ll give you a free whatever bottle of bourbon, maybe not. Uh, but once that happens, they instantly email you a thank you. And probably that coupon. So that is done automatically. I know everybody knows that, but most people don’t realize how easy that is to set up. And once that first email goes out to you, then behind the scenes, there’s usually a whole sequence of events or emails that will go out at a specific and preset time that makes it easier to nurture or warm up or keep in front of you who filled out their email. They call it a soap opera sequence. Yup. We can use it as a soap opera. It’s kind of like you tell a story and at the end of it, you might leave a little cliffhanger and say, you know, watch tomorrow, we kind of do this on these videos. We tell you what we’re telling you today. And at the end we say, well, here’s what we’re talking about tomorrow.

Angie Cherubini:

And they can have call to actions to them.

Pat Cherubini:

So they were there. So it’s really powerful. It’s very easy to do. There are lots of different, you know, obviously hometown revolution does adjusting can take care of that for you, but it can be anybody, you know, um, MailChimp, a Webber active campaign just about any email marketing system has auto responders

Angie Cherubini:

And other cool ones are when people, you know, what we have. And you know, there are services out there that when, when someone calls you, like, let’s say, if you’re in the service industry, like we even had that when we had a friend of ours that was power washing our house, he was getting phone call after phone call. Well, he’s in the middle of power washing. He can’t answer phone at that point. And

Pat Cherubini:

He’s a one man band or Chuck with a truck.

Angie Cherubini:

And the cool thing is what we have set up is if he doesn’t answer that phone, it automatically sends that person. Who’s trying to call a text, say, you know, what, what do we do?

Pat Cherubini:

It just says, Hey, sorry, I missed your call. Yeah. What can I do for you? And then they’ll text back because that will, they don’t have to, but that gives them the opportunity to say what they were needing. And then when he’s done and he’s got a time, he’s actually visually on his phone, got a text from that person that called and he knows what they want. And then he can get back to them as soon as he’s done working. Because a lot of these guys, a lot of contractors, home improvement guys are, like I said, they’re just one guy with a truck and they don’t have a front desk and people to handle it. And they still got to get the work done. So that phone that’s ringing off the hook in their pocket. They can, they can let it go knowing that this system or the system that you build will take care of it.

Angie Cherubini:

I think about it as you know, and a lot of people will be like, well, I don’t need that. What do I really need that for? Because I answer my phone all the time, whatever, you know, it can save time. You guys. Yeah, that is, that is true. There are. And there are tons of studies about that. So that is true. It saves time. And quite honestly, you can weed out people. You know, your automations can actually, whether it be through, you know, a texting automation or even the email automation, it can weed out people that aren’t really serious. And then the great thing about the email automation is, you know, that’s more of think of the email. Automations is more of a nurturing and what that can do is, you know, that can generate sales for you and you know, and what we’ve learned over this time. And actually I’ll, I’ll tell you about my personal experience here in a minute, but how many, uh, well, why don’t you show them the sales statistics of how many,

Pat Cherubini:

Why is this important? That’s why

Angie Cherubini:

Basically, you know, go ahead.

Pat Cherubini:

So as these numbers go, the main line that you want to look at, this is in a sales closer or prospecting graphic. That’s been floated around a long time. It was originally a real study, a small business study. And the last line is the pretty powerful line. 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. So that is saying, and you know, the 2% of sales are made on the first contact. Most people are looking for information. Very few people know, I don’t care what your business is, unless it’s an emergency service. They’re not saying I want to buy right now only a small percentage of people are ready to buy right now. Almost everybody else wants some more information and they want to know if you are the person they want to buy it for.

Angie Cherubini:

And, and I’m telling you, it just happened. It just happened to us yesterday. And it was, um, it was cool. I had started talking to an excavator back in February. I think the actual date was like February 19th, been talking to him super nice. And you know, I, I got the, you know, I needed to talk to my wife about it, which I completely respect. Um, so I didn’t push him. Not long after that. I still stayed in contact with him, just sending him some, some texts. They weren’t automated, but I still sent him some texts. And I think he was in, into our soap opera sequence. At that point, I think we were actually sending him some automation, some email automations, but I, you know, I got a message from him yesterday or the day before, the day before I got a message from him, he started the conversation with me again, and it led to a sale yesterday of him signing up with us. And that was, I most definitely had over five touches to him. Yeah. Way more

Pat Cherubini:

So to reiterate the sales stats, 80% are made after the fifth contact. But if you add them up 92% quit on or before four. So 80% after the fifth, but 92% of the people never get to the fifth contact.

Angie Cherubini:

So what we’re saying is don’t, don’t feel like don’t feel like you’re bothering people because a lot of times, even, you know, with, with these systems, like what we have, you know, people get afraid, Oh, I don’t want to contact them. I don’t want to keep doing this over and over again. They’re going to get sick of me. That’s not the case,

Pat Cherubini:

Especially the way this runs and the beauty of it is they asked for information. Yeah, you are doing them a disservice. If you’re not staying in touch with them, they want what you have. And if they don’t, they’ll tell you, I’ll tell you. And this is the beauty of the auto autoresponder, excuse me, is it takes some of that feeling and everybody has it. And the more people we talk to, we realize it’s really, uh, it’s rampant. Everybody feels like they’re bugging you. And you know, even, even people that make random videos on and put them live on Facebook, talking about what they do, people feel like we’re, you know, bragging or forcing it, or people don’t want to watch. But guess what? If you’re not interested, you’re not even watching me say this by now. So people will pay attention if they want to, if they’re ready and that’s why you’re doing it. And the automatic part is what takes that feeling away from you, where it’s just going to happen. They can unsubscribe at any time, but they’re there because they filled out a form and we’re interested in what you have to offer. So they want more information. And it’s your duty and obligation to give them that information. And it may be on a soap opera sequence of three, 10, a hundred. It can be forever.

Angie Cherubini:

I tell you, we, for some of our clients that we have some agency clients that we have, we have automated. We have a, what is it? Seven step automation, text automation that we have set up for them because you know, for, for a dentist office, if you know, if, if an office like that is listening or watching, um, you know, that that’s huge. That’s a big thing. And you know, you, they don’t have time to call every single lead that comes into, into their system. This takes care of that and allows you to have a text automation running that gets that person that is interested to make that first call and, and get booked. And it’s, it’s beautiful. It works.

Pat Cherubini:

And once it’s set it up, it’s, it’s basically set and forget. You can always add to it, change it, edit, but you just let it run and you drive traffic. And that’s, that’s what we talk about. That’s what our whole system is, is you build a system and then you drive traffic to it. And then you close the ones that are most interested.

Angie Cherubini:

So if you have something out there that you’re already working with, great take advantage of it and really use it. And you know, if you don’t have the system that has it,

Pat Cherubini:

Show them what ours look like. They may want to see it. I see a few people watching, nobody ever comments. You guys are all afraid chicken. So we’re really not that scary. This is the dashboard that we talk about. We call her Justine, this is the hometown revolution software and not to overwhelm you. It’s just, I want you to understand how these things are in there. We just have, once something happens, somebody fills out a form we immediately, and you can see immediately. I think I’m covering you up there. I’ll slide that over there. Immediately send them an email and you just click on the email and you can see what it says. And it’s just, so this is a fake account. Hey, I got your thing. I know you’re interested. Here’s the information we want to give you. Here’s what you can do next.

Pat Cherubini:

You can call me whatever. We can also send a text in two minutes, basically saying the same thing. Thanks for reaching out. Let’s get set up. We can send voicemails. We can send, you know, a notification that you want to call somebody. And it’s just two minutes. I’ve got all these set at two minutes, just cause it was a test demo, but it can be anywhere from immediately to two years from now. It can be, if it’s an appointment, it can be 24 hours before your appointment. You send out this thing. So it’s just a sequence. Once this one happens, you wait, whatever the time is. And then you send another one and it can be, it can be one time or it can be forever. You just keep adding secret adding contacts and you’re warming them up because we’re starting with a cold prospect and you want to warm them up. And even the ones that are warm, even if they’ve bought and become a hot prospect, you want to keep them warm and stay in front of them to remind them that you’re still there. So it’s a nurturing, it’s an email. It’s, it’s what we call an auto respond.

Angie Cherubini:

It is technical as what we have in here. I mean, I know typically when we start people out, um, that are not agency clients, we start them out with a very small autoresponder sequence. Um, so it doesn’t have to be, you know, you don’t have to, we don’t want to scare you by looking at this.

Pat Cherubini:

A simple idea is saying, you know, email number one is what you asked for. Here’s your information. Here’s what you can do next. And then why we call it the soap opera sequence. We, number one, we know not, everybody’s going to read every single email, you know, emails, don’t get to open. Some of them go to spam, but you got to keep trying to stay in front of them. You know, email number two could be, you know, here’s part of my story. Here’s how I got into doing what I do. You actually share your story with people and it gets them to know you. And it can, you can have success stories, you know, projects that you’ve done.

Angie Cherubini:

That’s why we call it the soap operas. Yet you brag

Pat Cherubini:

About yourself a little bit. You show reviews from people, you know, you get them to start to know like, and trust you. That’s the way business is done online, especially.

Angie Cherubini:

Yep. Everywhere. Really? Yep. Oop, quit making fun of me. Oh God, whatever, whatever. All right. So I think that’s good. I think that gives me,

Pat Cherubini:

Well, that’s an autoresponder that’s day seven who had,

Angie Cherubini:

Oh yeah. Drop your comment below. Do you know what it is?

Pat Cherubini:

No. Everybody’s been in one. Everybody signs up for free crap.

Angie Cherubini:

Yeah. Well that’s true. That is true. So what are we

Pat Cherubini:

Not tomorrow? Oh, the tracking number.

Angie Cherubini:

Hmm. This one. Yeah, that one. That one’s interesting because that one, I just won’t even go into it because we’ve got a lot of lots to talk about probably about that.

Pat Cherubini:

So that includes text marketing too. So we’ll talk about having tracking number, being able to track your marketing, see where calls are coming from. Send them wherever you want. Send people texts. Okay.

Angie Cherubini:

As always, if you’re interested in the service that we have, how can I, uh, there, there click on, can we click on that? Or just like, you’ve never been on Facebook. You can’t click on that. That’s right. But don’t you have a little, I do. We have a little artwork. There we go. Hometown You can go there. You can learn more about it. You can even sign up there or you can go to hometown book. And you can talk to me, schedule a time to talk to me, find out if it is something that will fit into your system. You already have your website that you already have, or we can create a new one or get into our group. Hometown We’d love to lots of small business owners.

Pat Cherubini:

15 minutes is probably long enough on your, this is a Sunday as we record this,

Speaker 3:

Is it 15 minutes already. Holy cow,

Pat Cherubini:

We just ramble and babble and nobody ever asked us any questions. So we’re going to keep doing this until somebody tells us to stop.

Speaker 3:

We’re not well, 38. Oh, I’m going to keep going on forever. Okay. Well,

Pat Cherubini:

Comment below. Let us know what you need. We’re here whenever you need.

Speaker 3:

We’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.

cast the net catch the customers with pat and angie cherubini

Day 5 – [VIDEO] How To Collect User Information To Catch More Customers

Day 05 Of The Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

You can’t catch a fish without bait. Once you have the bait you need a hook. If you want to catch a lot then use a net! Switch out the word fish and insert the word customer.

Ahhh, see what I did there? 🙂

In this video we talk about the serious need for local businesses to start building their own lists. To do that you need bait, a net to catch them, then a way to keep them alive… a system to nurture them. Anyway, dumb story to try to get you to watch the video! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Join Pat and Angie Cherubini with a toast to #supportlocal!


Did you get your Google My Business set up after watching yesterday’s training?  Get on it!


What’s going on everybody. Welcome to day. Number five of the 30 day live boost your business in 30 days. And I am your host, Pat. Sharbini along with my cohost, Angie, Jeremy, Angie chair, beanie. lol! And we’ll see how Facebook spells that on their custom captions. It’s always funny how they try to spell our name. So we’re going to talk here for a minute until we get things shared into our group. So everybody knows what’s going on and you’re sharing

Bear with us.

So today is Friday when we’re taping this and it is five o’clock somewhere. So don’t be offended if there’s more than pineapple juice in this glass, but what y’all drinking tonight, let us know. It doesn’t have to be anything stout. Got it.

I think, I think I have, it

Can help us out to share it out there. Help your local business owners get a little free information on how to grow. So today we are talking about casting the nets. What’s our official title today, catch the customers, cast the net to catch the customer. So what are the nets? What are we talking about with the nets?

Well, we’re talking about something probably a lot of people already know about like online forms email lists, tracking phone numbers. I think those that’s huge chats, chats, web chats.

So what we’re talking about is building the list and in today’s internet world, we run into businesses every day. That just aren’t we run it. We have, we have actual clients that we’ve been begging to start some kind of a customer catching system. And one in particular, I know for a fact has missed out on thousands. Oh yeah. Thousands of people, they just answer their phone, they don’t get any information and they never call them back.

And those people and those people can be repeat customers. Oh my goodness. And then their family members and friends they’re, they’re just missing out on a ton. They’re not owning that data.

So that’s what we want to talk about today. It’s not enough just to have a, a website or even just a Facebook page that you can’t collect data. And by data, we mean name, number, phone, number, or name, email, phone number. And

If you can get more information great. If you can, at least it’s a start.

Depends on what business you are. So we’ve got some examples here. This is actually our agency site. For those of you that don’t know us from the agency side, this is a simple site that we use more than just information. We call those web what we call them. Brochure sites was websites that just have information and a phone number,

Which is probably 75%, at least. So the people out there it’s better because that’s what you were taught.

Yeah. But it’s better than nothing, but there’s no way for the customer to interact. Other than actually looking up the phone number and dialing it. This is what we asked for. So this is what we’re talking about. These forms here, everybody knows what they are, but nobody uses them to collect it. But I guarantee you all fill them out. And what happens when you fill them out, whether it’s for a free appetizer at red lobster or a dessert, you fill it out and then they start emailing you. That’s customer catching there. They’ve got you now into their system, whatever system they’re using. And now they can communicate with you. They can send you specials. They could try, you know, for a restaurant, try to show you good food to make you hungry and want to come back in. And it works. So whether you’re a restaurant or a plumber, it doesn’t matter. You know, we’re a marketing agency. If somebody is interested enough to fill that out, then you need to have a way to let them fill that out. Yep. So why do you need it? Is that what we just said? Yeah.

Yeah. And maybe show them are, you know, chats, chats are a new, big thing right down there.

This is my website. So this is one way this down here is our web chat. You know, have a question, click here.

They can see that

Like here and it pops up and our question we’ll get right back to you. So when somebody fills out their name, their mobile phone number and then whatever message they have that actually sends a text message to them from us, it goes into our system. And then we can communicate just through texts. And most people nowadays want to text. They don’t want to email because of so much spam. They don’t want you to spam their text messages. But if they ask you for information, you can just text it, bang. It’s right back and forth. You don’t have to spend time playing phone tag. It’s instant. And it’s like 98% of people. 98% of text messages are actually read where emails not even close to that. So that’s, that’s another way we can show you. This is our hometown revolution on this one. We ask for more information because we’re trying to filter out people that aren’t ready yet.

If you’re, you know, people that are just starting a business, aren’t really ready for what we have. They need to actually have a business. And we just ask them more information. What are you looking for? You know, what’s their number, what’s their website. What do you want to accomplish? What’s your budget. And then a robot thing to keep the spam down. So that is another way not as many of these will get filled out. You know, if it’s just an email that gets filled out, filled out a lot. If they have to put their name in it, fewer people do it. They have put the phone number in it, fewer people do it. So the more fields you have, the less conversions you’ll get,

They could end up being very good. Yeah.

But they’re higher quality because if somebody takes the time to fill this out all the way, they are pretty interested in wanting to talk to us. So we schedule a call and we have a talk. So if you’re interested in talking to us,

Yeah, yeah. We’ve seen the advantages of both. I mean, there, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. It just depends. And you can, and the great thing, the beauty about it is you could test that. Yeah. Test it and see what, what works well for you. Again, like Pat said, it depends on your business and what you’re offering, what your services are.

Yep. So here’s a lawn service, as you can see, you know, just basic information, fill it out, they’ll get back to them. They can click, they can click to call. They can actually text, I can’t call on them desktop, but what’s that popping up like that. And then you got this same thing. They get back to you. And then he’s probably got other calls to action. He’s got a contact us, same thing. You have to have multiple ways for them to get in touch with you and to grab their information. And once they fill this out, you get notification notifications. You can contact them back. You can save all that and contact them two years later if you want, because they gave you permission.

It really becomes, it really becomes like a lifeline to your, to your clients. And we have, we’ve been doing like, you know, if you’ve been watching your videos or listening to them, you know, we’ve been in the business for over 23 years and we’ve helped numerous different businesses have email lists, help them with their email lists. And one in particular is huge, huge now with it. And you know, it’s, it’s one of the best ways for them to get in contact with everybody in their upcoming season. So Lynn fruit farm.

Yeah. They’ve got thousands like tens of thousands. Yeah.

So, you know, and they’ve been building it for years, for years. So you know, they did the right thing a long time ago and you know, it doesn’t matter when you start, you can start now start, start building it. Now doesn’t cost much friends, family, clients,

Fruit farm actually used to print out like 10,000 paper brochures and mail them out every year. That’s and they’ve switched.

So, and they’re way, way higher than that now. So, so that’s, that’s something to,

Because you can see calling out texts now and other forms a little bit more information, got another web chat, you know, that’s what we do. This is our system got a form. Got click that,

The big thing about that. If you guys look at that, that catching system, you know, it’s right up there at the top, it’s out in front, it’s the call to action. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to get them to be part of our net. Yeah. Yeah.

And like we say, you know, the only day that if you don’t want to make money on any day, you don’t make an offer. So you need to always be making an offer. This fits right into our system that we teach in our membership that gets you to learn how to drive people to your website. Again, you know, don’t just say, go to my Facebook page because you can’t capture that data. Yes. They can contact you. You can talk to them if that’s what they want, that’s fine. But those that want more send them to your website. They can fill this out sometimes depending on what you are, as you sell, most of these are home services. You know, restaurants, you can up the ante by having an offer, you know, give them something in return. You know, what are you going to give them? If they give you their information?

Now y’all are probably probably wondering, you know, where can you get stuff like this for your website, because you know, if you’re in business, you’ve been in business for a while, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with the different companies that you know, your, your MailChimps and, and things like that. Different email systems, different chat systems, all these things. There’s a ton of them out there. We know it. We’ve dealt with them. We use them, they do all work, but we have, you know, we do have a system that it all works together. And so

Reason we built this system is because there are so many pieces and we’ve done this all our whole career. You have to have an email system, you got to go buy a tech system. You got to buy a website system. You got to buy hosting. A web chat is different. A review system. I mean, everything is different. Guess what? We got one big net. It all fits in our net. So this is just one part. We’re not gonna talk about all that. We’ll talk about that in another video, but this is the back end of our dashboard. This is what we call Justine. We’re not here making a hard pitch. We’re just showing you what can be done by filling out. Once somebody fills out that information, it goes into our dashboard. Do you want to expand on what else it does? Messenger Google my business.

Oh gosh. Yeah. If someone, you know, our system, we connect it with a Google, my business and with your Facebook page. So then it can all, all those messages, as long as they’re connected in our system, they all go down into, or come into this one area, the conversations areas and the opportunities. And we’re not going to go into it. But the great thing about it is in ours. And in this area, the conversation, I can see everything that has been talked about with Jennifer Aniston in this one. And you know, whether it be a message that was sent by Pat or an email and makes me laugh every single time he didn’t answer or an email. I mean, it’s all right there. And I don’t know about you guys, but I know myself that, you know, I get hundreds of emails a day. I can not always keep track of my conversation with people. And you know, a lot of those email systems out there Google a lot of them, they nest and nest and nest everything. And it’s, it’s really difficult. And so this,

So this, yeah, I’ll clear this up a little bit. This is all in line. All the communications for anybody that has called. So you can see this person here called in and it wasn’t answered. You know, this is just a demo account where we show it that’s me. This is Angie started this by sending a text. And then we have also responded over here, Jennifer still waiting. So Jennifer, I said, Hey, how you doing? She didn’t respond. We sent an email, whatever that says, send another text. I made a call to her. She didn’t pick up.

There’s an email and this is all right in line. Just like a chat would be an everything works. And it is phone calls, emails, chat, or text messages. There’s nothing else in this one. It’s also Google my business. If they message you through your Google, my business, if it goes right here, once we connect it and you can communicate right here, Facebook messenger comes in right here. We’re inline with your emails, your chats, your phone calls. So at anytime you can go in and see exactly where you are with that customer, what was said and what you need to do next.

So basically guys in, you know, in, in kind of summing everything up 

No, that was a lot another drink.

There’s a lot. Well, maybe we need to post on that. Okay.

All right.

So basically kind of in conclusion really, it doesn’t matter what system you use out there. Just, you need to have a way to catch the customers when they get to your website, period, whether you use ours or you use someone, else’s take a look at your website, see if it, if it’s doing that for you, or is it just a plain old informational website? And if it’s a plain old informational website, you know, we can, we can help you take care of that. Or, you know,

Google can work on it yourself, figure it out, figure it out, get some clear call to action. You gotta have the bait. You gotta be able to set the hook. You gotta catch, you have the net to catch them and reel real in. And then you gotta throw them in the live well here and keep them nurture, keep them alive. And then you make sales and you have good dinner. So yeah, it’s not a fishing show, but that was an easy way to explain it. Oh,

We should have been eating fish or would have been nice to have been on a boat doing this video.

So if you have any questions as always comment below, share this video to some friends so you can help us spread the word. We’re not asking anything in return. We’re just showing you what you got. You don’t have to buy our stuff. There’s lots of stuff out there that you can spend.

Yep. Got a question about something else. Let us know. And if you have any questions, jump in. I think that’s good. Great. At the beach too tomorrow. What? Oh, what are we talking about tomorrow?

Tomorrow? We’re going to go more in depth on that web chat. That is,

Oh, that’s good. That’ll be good. Hey, don’t talk a lot about it.

We talked a lot about it, but just it’s getting to be very important because like we said, people don’t want number one. Y’all, don’t answer your phones for two people. Don’t want to call and they just want to text and get to answer and be done with it. So this is a really good way to do it. You can close a lot of deals just in the web chat. Yep.

So two

Tomorrow through tomorrow, we’ll see you then share this. Help us out pace



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