Hometown Revolution Google Ads

Day 19 – Google Ads Overview

Google ads means more that just one thing.  I could be search ads, Google Display Network (GDN), or even YouTube ads.

Day 19 of the Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE! tour goes over the basics so we can go deeeep in the upcoming videos.  PLUS, I show you how to get $150 in free ads.  Must see tv.


What’s going on everybody. This is pat and Angie Cherubini. And today is

Day 19 of boost your business live for 30 days again, day 19 of boost your business in 30 days live

Very good. And today we’re talking about Google ads. So there’s a lot to talk about Google ads, but today is going to be real short. lol! We’re just going to basically go over the, what it is, why you need it, how to get started. And then in the next couple of days, we’re going to dig in a little deeper to show you exactly how to do it, but this is the important part. And it’s used to get more targeted prospects into your funnel. So what do you know about Google ads?

What do I know about them? All I know is you need them. We’ve been doing them for a long time.

So the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads is pretty huge. Yeah. Facebook ads are based are interrupted. Interruption, ads, people they’re in your face like TV ads. You’re not there to see an ad people aren’t on Facebook to buy something they’re on Facebook to be entertained or distracted. Some people are. Yeah, but you, but the ads that you get shown, the reason Facebook works for what it’s good for is the targeting. You know, Facebook knows what you look at on your phone better than your spouse does. Yeah. So Facebook knows you, but when things happen, like if you are a service business, a contractor medical professionals, even products, people go to Google to look for what they want to find.

Yeah. You could ask, you could ask any buddy, you could ask a kid, you could ask an adult. And this is what I fight with when I’m you know, when I’m doing any of our selling of, of ads that we’ve ever done or running the ad campaigns for people is, you know, there’ll be like, oh, I don’t know if I want to spend my money online on Google or Facebook. And I’m like, well, how many, you know, how many times have you asked somebody, you know, about something? Like if you need something fixed, where do you go? First? Nobody goes to the yellow pages anymore.

Right? Google has become a verb. You Google it. Yeah. We actually say GTS, Google that shit!. Somebody asks a question, GTS, Google it 

Phone in their face. And so you cannot deny that

Even big TV, they, you, the research that’s done, they show a big boost in people that are, even if you’re watching a TV ad immediately, there’s a boost in people Googling that. Cause if you’re a little bit interested in it and you just know, you can go to Google and find more information on whatever that was. So wherever you’re advertising,

That’s a good combination to yeah. Adds in.

So just to explain the, what it is, you probably know it, but I’m just going to act like you, don’t the why you need it is basically just to get in front of more people and give the people an easier way to find you, whatever it is you do almost. You need Google ads,

Especially because your website, you know, if you’ve got a new website, especially it’s not going to come up in those search engines, like they used to so quickly,

SEO is still a thing. You still need SEO. It’s still a real thing. Google ads. And the reason we have this on what is today, day 19. Yep. You know, it’s pretty far down in our strategy because the beginning 18 days was getting the machine set up. So everything is set up and ready to roll. Google now comes in. That is really where you can lay more money out and get a whole lot more amplification, a whole lot more targeted traffic, because these are people that are looking for what you have. So we’ve got Miami dentist just randomly pulled it up because I wanted to show you, you know, it didn’t use to say this, but now it literally says, add. So, you know, at the top, excuse me, all the ads come up at the top because just like Facebook, Google makes money through ads.

So they want you to see that the way it works is this company, Robert, whatever that is, can’t even read it. He is paying for clicks. So I’m seeing all three of these ads, none of them get charged an penny unless I click on it. And it’s an auction. So it’s different. And every niche is different. But just to be clear, this is the ad. And then usually there are map listings. And if you look right here, that is actually an ad too. And you can do that through that’s through Google, my business. And that will show up on top sometimes. Yeah. So it’s not always, and it’s not easy to do, but just so you know, that can be a place. And then your Google, my business here. And then below is what we call the organic listings. So overall big picture, and we do this on some of ours.

You can’t always get it done, but in some niches we have an ad at the top. Then we have an ad at the top of Google, my business. And then we have a listing on Google, my business. And then we usually rank one or two in the organic. So if somebody is looking for what you have, there’s a very good chance they can find you. Yep. Yep. Yep. So that’s all done through Google ads. There’s part of Google ads. These are called search ads. There’s another part called Google display network, which is more like a banner ad that you see on other people’s websites. So I just pulled up some examples here. We’ve all seen it. You know, like if you’re on a newspaper website and there’s a banner ad right here, this is coming from Google display network, which is, I didn’t want to click on that, which is coming from a Google ad that you set up inside. Alright, here we go. And they look different. You can have like this one here, you’ll see ads on the side.

And sometimes on your phone, you’ll see them at the bottom there even I know you’ve seen them on different sites or on YouTube to different places. You’ll see these little ads that pop up at the bottom.

Yeah. Just like this. There’ll be one at the top one at the side, there can be all over. So the way the reason sites show this is because if I go to this west balm, west Palm beach TV station, they’re showing other people’s ads. They’re allowing Google to show ads on their website. If I was on this real website and clicked on it, they would get a percentage of the ad spend it’s fractions of pennies. But I don’t, you know, for what we do, we don’t want to take people off of the site. We want to put our ads on other people’s sites. So those are Google display. That’s a whole nother thing. These can be shown to people based on what they’re searching for based on what they’ve looked at in the past. And the way we use it is based on people that have already been to your site. These are follow-up ads.

Yep. Key next

Are YouTube. These are also part of the Google display network. I just looked up Florida travel trips on YouTube. And again, you got ads on the top of the search and then you get into the regular videos, but these ads are coming from the Google display network on the Google ad network. They are only getting charged if I click on them. So if I would click to visit the site, there’s a set, whatever the auction is, you know, it could be a couple pennies up to, you know, some law niches are a hundred to $200 per click, which guarantees guarantees nothing except a click. Yep. So more places to show your ads. And if you click on the video, usually this’ll show up this right here. That is running is an ad. And if you play it, you can skip it.

If I skip it within the first nine seconds, he doesn’t get charged. Anything you can have anywhere from like a nine second ad up to you can run an ad. That’s an hour long. If you want to, once it hits like nine seconds, you get charged. So there are different ways. They charge you. There are different rules, but just know you could show this to everybody that’s already been on your website. Another part of the followup, you could show them a video of you explaining something to a hundred people. And if 99% of them skip it, they still saw your face. They still saw your name. You know, there’s still an ad here that that is you. And on the phone that will show up underneath this ad. And then there’s also an ad up here. So you’re getting a lot of exposure. If they skipped it

In that nine seconds, you’re getting a ton of exposure

Until it hits. I think it’s nine seconds it’s changed, but I skipped it. But notice his ad is still showing up right here and on the phone, it would be right below it. So those are YouTube ads. It’s kind of two different things. These are coming from Google display. And then the video that showed before is actually a YouTube ad. So there’s different things, different strategies. It’s a lot of information. That’s why I didn’t want to get into too much. Just kind of an overview of the YouTube

Ads are run in

Google ads, Google. Yeah. It’s all run from the same ad account, which is now what I’m going to tell you how to get. So just search up Google ads and you’re going to click on it’s really ads.google.com. You click start. Now, you’re going to sign in as long as you have a Google ad account, which you should by now, because you already set up your Google, my business, it’s going to run out of the same account. You just click started, start, follow the directions, and then you can start running ads pretty quickly. I’ll go tomorrow, get in a little bit deeper on how to do that, but there’s a lot of information and just basically have account. You can do it by location. You can do it by keywords. All of that is pretty easy. And if you want 150 bucks,

I know

Just start. Here’s a little trick. If you Google Google ads coupon, skip their own Google ads. And there’s going to be an ads.google that says coupon voucher,

Oh, that’s nice of you.

This is something my wife would do. Let’s find a coupon. First. This is a coupon that they’ll match up to 150 bucks. So if you spend 150 bucks, they’re going to give you 150 bucks worth, worth of free ads. So you should do it. You start, you just fill it in. We’re going to give you a coupon code. So do this first and then sign up with the ad account. And then you’ll be able to start. And tomorrow we’re going to start talking more about how to get your pixel. They call them tags, but everything’s set up. So it’s a whole nother part of the machine that we set up. So it’s ready to run. It’s not hard. It’s probably new to you. So it’s kind of overwhelming. We just do it step by step. We can help you. We show you how to do things, but it is important because you can amplify your traffic after you have everything else set up. So since you’re not the one that runs Google ads, do you have anything to say? Because I ramble about my technical

And he gets so mad when I ask questions about it. And then I have to ask him 10 times,

They’re thinking about right now,

How do you make the ads?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in the next couple of videos. So it’s real simple. These ads you’ve seen them

Simple, or they can be more like what we do a little bit more intricate,

Try to target them to only a few because you can spend a whole bunch of money, but we want the right people to find you. And then to reiterate our whole strategy is once they click on this, they go to your website. You get pixeled by Facebook also, which then they can see you on Facebook. And then if they go to other websites, the Google display network kicks in and they’re going to see you over there. So you are,

And everybody’s going to tell you, I see your face everywhere.

So you do it all. It’s all the same thing you can target. You know, you go 10 miles around you. You can blanket the area. So if you’re the plumber or dentist, whatever, you can be, everybody in the area is going to see you. And it’s pretty cheap to get its traffic. It’s way better than a billboard way, better than a newspaper.

Yep. Sounds

Good. So that’s all I got pat and Angie here. If you got any questions, hit us up below, hit us up on our profiles, message us, whatever you need

And we’ll be here tomorrow. We promise.

Intro to Pillar 2: the traffic

Day 11 – Intro To Pillar 2: The Traffic

Welcome to day 11 of the Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

Now that you should have your customer catching machine set up its time to open up the faucet and send more traffic to it.

This video is an overview of the awesomeness to come.  Things like Facebook ads, Google ads, reminder ads and more.

Check out yesterday’s video called Q&A with P&A.


What’s going on everybody welcome to day 11 of boost your business in 30 days live. I am Pat Cherubini, and this is my co-host and lovely wife, Angie Cherubini. And today we’re going to just kind of ramble and talk about pillar two, which is the traffic. So up to this point, we’ve went through pillar one, which we call the build, which is building your machine. So Website

Rehash that real quick with what we covered,

Do we want to rehash? Do we make them go back and watch it? So, but

You have a website, a landing page, something that you can send people to. And the whole system that we build is in order to have that machine, then start to take over and do some of the work for you. So now the point is in every business, you really need to get attention and you need to try to keep attention. And then we’re also going to amplify that attention. And that’s what the traffic pillar is all about,

Especially because you, you know what we tell a lot of our clients. Now you can not rely on word of mouth. You just can’t

Word of mouth is fantastic. It’s probably the best advertising, but it is not scalable. Nope. So instead of sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring, we generate these systems and amplify and force Facebook to give us a little bit more exposure so that we don’t have to wait around and we can get some extra business while the word of mouth is working its magic in the back. Yep. So the one thing that we want to have to begin with is we call it the one link. What is the one link that you want most of your traffic going to, where that when they get there, they can figure out what the next step is. So most likely, it’s your front page of your website. As you get more advanced, there may be landing pages and funnels and all that, but this one link needs to be go to your front page. They can get all the information that they want. You tell them everything that you do, they get to know like and trust you. And then when the time comes, they can reach out and contact.

Yup. Yup.

Yeah. Everything that we’ve been saying, we’ve been doing this for years. So why do we have to pay Facebook? We’re talking mostly. This is all ads. Any, any ad? Is it a good ad? But we’re talking mostly like Facebook, you have a Facebook fan page, a business page. Can’t you just post on there and your fans will see it. Nobody’s going to say it.

Why not? Cause you don’t, you haven’t put it out in front of them. It’s only a few short, not shortlist, but while yeah, it’s a short list of people that will see it. Even though you may have a ton of followers, especially if they’re not interacting with you and you’re not interacting with them. Yep.

Facebook throttles business pages in the old days, 10 years ago, maybe a little bit less. When you had a fan page and you had say a thousand fans, when you would make a post, pretty much a thousand fans saw that post or a lot. Now when you make a post only your most engaged fans see that. And usually that’s only about 3% is the last study I heard,

Which is why it’s all your family and all your friends. I mean, you could test that yourself. Yeah, we do it. Yeah.

Go to your insights and look at your engagement. How many people are actually seeing it. And how many are engaging when you post something on your face, on your Facebook business page? How many people, how many likes do you get? You know, there are some anomalies that get a lot of engagement, but most typical businesses because people aren’t on Facebook really to look at business, they’re there to be entertained. But when you have entertaining posts and it has to do with your business, then it’s got a chance of getting a little traction. Yeah. So we have that one link and we drive traffic to that one link traffic can be paid. It can be organic. It can come from your personal profile. It can be a sign on your truck any way that you can get people into that front door. You know that the top of the funnel is a good way to start. So are there any other ways you can think of to get traffic

Border? I mean, talking to people, talking to people really? Yeah. Any, any form of, you know, just like what we’ve said in other videos we’re not against any other type of advertising that you do, the more advertising and marketing you do the better off you’re going to be. The more people you’re going to get out in front of. You just have to remember what to put on those. You have to have the correct call to actions on things. You know, you have to tell people what to do. That’s, that’s just a, that’s a big thing to get traffic

And the organic posts to any, any posts, any ad, you know, if it looks like an ad, people don’t click on it. If it’s engaging in social, you know, we run a certain kind of ad at the beginning where it’s we tell people it needs to be a picture of at least you or your team or your staff or something, looking at the camera, smiling. It needs to be a real picture. Social media is about real pictures and you can test it. My, my social media profile, I’m active, but not very active. I’m not, I don’t get hardly any engagement, you know, post stuff about business. I try to be funny. I post videos, I do pictures. And then I post a picture of my cat and I get 10 times the likes, you know? So if I post anything about business, there’s very few, but just know that people are still seeing it just because they’re not engaging with it.

So that’s, that’s really, that’s what we’re going to be talking about in the next, I don’t know how many have you decided, how many of the next videos,

This gets a little more technical, but we’re not going to really dive deep into the how to, but we’re going to tell you what to do and it’s going to end up the way we have. It is the reason we want to drive everybody to that one link is because we run them a reminder campaign, which some people call retargeting or remarketing. So the more people you get to your website, you can, then that creates an audience of only the people that have been interested enough to get to your website. You can then add, run a second ad to just them. So it’s going to be very interested and what that is is it’s going, gonna remind them over and over again that you’re there. This is what you do. And it’s like, it’s like the billboard on the highway. If you drive by it every single day, there they count ad impressions. And that’s what this is. This is not a, you know, I need to sell 150 t-shirts a day. It’s we want your interested people seeing your business over and over again. So when that time comes that they need you, you are who they think of. Yeah.

So I would say, I don’t really need to tell them too much more, except what

Just, this is what we’re going to be talking about.

It’s it’s definitely more technical. It’s important.

We’ll touch on Google ads and, and what else I got written down here, branding social funnels. You know, the difference what boosting really is, and then any other tech or things that come up, video ads, you know, just all the things that you should be doing. And you know, all of these things boost your business. And this is really where the amplification can come in, where you can really start to boost your business. So, yup. And she’s going to be saying, yep, this whole time, this is more visual and this is not her wheelhouse, but it is

Yeah. More of the designer, everybody. Well, I guess everybody doesn’t know, but that’s it, I’m the designer. He’s the tech guy. He’s the technical, I wouldn’t say heck guy

Fricking awesome tech guy.

Anyway, I am not as good in this area. I’m learning just like you’re learning. You know, that is his specialty, I guess that’s that side of the brain. And I’m the other side of the brain, the design part. So we, we mesh well, yeah,

We happened to be married too. So that’s a good thing. Yeah. Okay. She didn’t know. So that wraps it up eight minutes, 51 seconds. I think that’s our shortest, isn’t it so far. We’re not done yet. We’re still babbling. Okay. So if you have any questions, comments, concerns, crit Tiggy, critiques, critiques, comment below, go to our forums. If you need help. And we are here to help you get your local vibe.

Yep. Got it. Yep. Later.

get to know and use the Big G or google my business

Day 04 – [VIDEO] Get To Know “Big G” – Google My Business That Is!

Day 04 of Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!
Get to know and use the Big G! Google My Business that is. What is it? Why do you need it? And, how do you get it?
Join Pat and Angie every day and boost your business!
Drop a link to your Google My Business listing in the comments below and get the word out!


Hi everyone. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini with Hometown Revolution. And today is day four of 30. That’s awesome. So today what we’re doing is it’s, it’s titled get to know and use the big G and what is the big G? It is Google my business.

Hold on the why I try to share this into our group so everybody can jump in. We are live everybody comment below. If you’re live, if you can see and hear us, okay. Tell us where you’re coming from, where you’re watching and we’ll get right into it. So big G what is it? Google my business. This used to be called Google places. Some people just call it the maps. It’s what a lot of people think of it. As where, like, as you see in here, this is their page. Like when something shows up how it shows from the map, this is where it comes from. And then show them,

Show everyone like our example. So like, yeah,

Your company, whatever you are, you may already have on. Because back in the day, Google just automatically created accounts for everybody that had it.

When they first started doing this, if you’re new, you might, of course we were around then. So if you want

Check, if you have one or not just search for your company, you know, whatever your company name is, search it and it’ll come up. And if you get a map listing over here, then you already have a Google my business,

Basically a free listing that you can’t beat on, on the biggest search engine. That’s that’s out there

Real estate here is what you want. So if you aren’t sure if you have one or not, you can click this button. If you do have a listing, Oh my business, if not, you just go to Google my business or google.com/business, or you can Google, Google my business and it will come up to a page

And think of it guys, as you know, this is the first contact point for most people. And sometimes that’s hard for people to understand and realize, but there are so many people out there that now, you know, their phone is with them, you know, 24 seven. And that’s the first thing that they go to to find anything that they need, whether they know your, you know, your business, whether they know they want to find you already, or whether they’re looking for a service or something that is close to them, you know, that Google my business or maps, whatever, what a lot of people call it. That’s the first thing they go to. So you need to have it. And not only do you need to have it, you need to make it look good.

Yeah. So I just looked up plumbers near me, and this is what you’re used to seeing all these listings are coming from the maps or the Google, my businesses. So you’d need to have to even be in this. You need to have it. So these are free listings that you need to sign up for. If you want to control what people see.

And you know, when you get in there and you do it, and you know, you create your account, which we do. We’ve got a, actually we have a video on our forum and store

Go to the form, search and type, Google my business, and you’re gonna find it. It’s, it’s how to claim your GMB and integrated into your dashboard. And then,

And that dashboard is, is a system that we use. Yes,

Super simple. It’s pretty much step-by-step. But we give you a little bit of tips and tricks to help you show up in more searches. It does, it is important that you fill it out right,

Completely. It is. You need, you need pictures, you need relevant pictures, relevant videos, your logo, all of the information, you know, even you can even put in descriptive paragraphs in there, do it take advantage of it. I mean, we say that all the time, you know, that’s basically, that can be your selling point. You know, that first point of contact that will make them, you know, decide to stay with you versus go to somebody else in the list. So

Google, as you know, as a search engine and search engine optimization or SEO is a thing. So in that description, if you put keywords that people would search, that’s an SEO trick that will help your map listing be found over somebody else’s. So take the time. I think it’s 750 characters. Take the time to write it. Not don’t copy it from your website, write it. So it’s, it’s an original content and put all the keywords in there. You can make it sound natural. Don’t just stuff them in there. And that’ll help you get found by more people. And this is something new that we have integrated into our software. As you know, everybody is we’re watching ourself, watch you watch us, watch you everybody’s on their phone. So when you do a search on a phone like here, this is what shows up. And this little gadget right here is button brand new.

If you can see me running circles around this message button, if you are on a phone and you do a search, you can either click that button and call, or you can click this button. If that company has it enabled, which is not automatic, ask us how you can text with that company. Everybody loves the text. Nobody uses the phone anymore. I don’t even know why these things have phones on them anymore, but you can literally text that company. Our dashboard just happens to pull that in and we can text back and forth and the calls and the calls all come through our dashboard. If you don’t have it, that’s fine. It still works. It’ll text right to your phone. So that’s going to be very, very important in the future. It already is. It just is,

You know, just take a look for example, even the example that they give on, on that page. Yeah. Even on here, I mean, you look at their example that picture up at the top tells exactly you know, it tells you exactly what that business is. And they have all their information, their, their show, they put their hours in and they put their hours in correctly. So it’s showing open. So make sure you take the time and put your hours into, because trust me, you don’t want to be listed as closed. You know, if you have some odd hours in there, you do not want to do that. Because again, this is the first, a lot of times, the very first place people will see you. So make it count. Don’t

It does count. It’s free listing. You have to do it. If you have a business, quit effing around and do it. Yeah. Pardon my Spanish.

So tomorrow, what are we doing? I think tomorrow’s is going to be on the email list.

Yep. Unless you guys change your minds, comment below we know you’re watching. We can see you. We can see that you’re watching, but you’re not commenting. We’re trying to get you to step out of your comfort zone. Just like we’re stepping out of ours and ask for help, reach out, ask us for help. We’re we’re doing this all right. Now, just to try to help you guys. We know that hometown businesses are struggling. You can do better. We know you can do it. Just put a comment in or reach out to us and ask for help. I think that’s good. So short and sweet. You can help us by sharing this with your business owners tag, somebody like comment share. It helps Facebook push it out to the people that need it and we greatly appreciate it. Yep.

All right. I think that’s good.

Three, two, one PEACE!

Did you miss yesterday’s training on how to use Facebook and it’s pixel for business?

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