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Day 04 – [VIDEO] Get To Know “Big G” – Google My Business That Is!

Day 04 of Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!
Get to know and use the Big G! Google My Business that is. What is it? Why do you need it? And, how do you get it?
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Hi everyone. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini with Hometown Revolution. And today is day four of 30. That’s awesome. So today what we’re doing is it’s, it’s titled get to know and use the big G and what is the big G? It is Google my business.

Hold on the why I try to share this into our group so everybody can jump in. We are live everybody comment below. If you’re live, if you can see and hear us, okay. Tell us where you’re coming from, where you’re watching and we’ll get right into it. So big G what is it? Google my business. This used to be called Google places. Some people just call it the maps. It’s what a lot of people think of it. As where, like, as you see in here, this is their page. Like when something shows up how it shows from the map, this is where it comes from. And then show them,

Show everyone like our example. So like, yeah,

Your company, whatever you are, you may already have on. Because back in the day, Google just automatically created accounts for everybody that had it.

When they first started doing this, if you’re new, you might, of course we were around then. So if you want

Check, if you have one or not just search for your company, you know, whatever your company name is, search it and it’ll come up. And if you get a map listing over here, then you already have a Google my business,

Basically a free listing that you can’t beat on, on the biggest search engine. That’s that’s out there

Real estate here is what you want. So if you aren’t sure if you have one or not, you can click this button. If you do have a listing, Oh my business, if not, you just go to Google my business or, or you can Google, Google my business and it will come up to a page

And think of it guys, as you know, this is the first contact point for most people. And sometimes that’s hard for people to understand and realize, but there are so many people out there that now, you know, their phone is with them, you know, 24 seven. And that’s the first thing that they go to to find anything that they need, whether they know your, you know, your business, whether they know they want to find you already, or whether they’re looking for a service or something that is close to them, you know, that Google my business or maps, whatever, what a lot of people call it. That’s the first thing they go to. So you need to have it. And not only do you need to have it, you need to make it look good.

Yeah. So I just looked up plumbers near me, and this is what you’re used to seeing all these listings are coming from the maps or the Google, my businesses. So you’d need to have to even be in this. You need to have it. So these are free listings that you need to sign up for. If you want to control what people see.

And you know, when you get in there and you do it, and you know, you create your account, which we do. We’ve got a, actually we have a video on our forum and store

Go to the form, search and type, Google my business, and you’re gonna find it. It’s, it’s how to claim your GMB and integrated into your dashboard. And then,

And that dashboard is, is a system that we use. Yes,

Super simple. It’s pretty much step-by-step. But we give you a little bit of tips and tricks to help you show up in more searches. It does, it is important that you fill it out right,

Completely. It is. You need, you need pictures, you need relevant pictures, relevant videos, your logo, all of the information, you know, even you can even put in descriptive paragraphs in there, do it take advantage of it. I mean, we say that all the time, you know, that’s basically, that can be your selling point. You know, that first point of contact that will make them, you know, decide to stay with you versus go to somebody else in the list. So

Google, as you know, as a search engine and search engine optimization or SEO is a thing. So in that description, if you put keywords that people would search, that’s an SEO trick that will help your map listing be found over somebody else’s. So take the time. I think it’s 750 characters. Take the time to write it. Not don’t copy it from your website, write it. So it’s, it’s an original content and put all the keywords in there. You can make it sound natural. Don’t just stuff them in there. And that’ll help you get found by more people. And this is something new that we have integrated into our software. As you know, everybody is we’re watching ourself, watch you watch us, watch you everybody’s on their phone. So when you do a search on a phone like here, this is what shows up. And this little gadget right here is button brand new.

If you can see me running circles around this message button, if you are on a phone and you do a search, you can either click that button and call, or you can click this button. If that company has it enabled, which is not automatic, ask us how you can text with that company. Everybody loves the text. Nobody uses the phone anymore. I don’t even know why these things have phones on them anymore, but you can literally text that company. Our dashboard just happens to pull that in and we can text back and forth and the calls and the calls all come through our dashboard. If you don’t have it, that’s fine. It still works. It’ll text right to your phone. So that’s going to be very, very important in the future. It already is. It just is,

You know, just take a look for example, even the example that they give on, on that page. Yeah. Even on here, I mean, you look at their example that picture up at the top tells exactly you know, it tells you exactly what that business is. And they have all their information, their, their show, they put their hours in and they put their hours in correctly. So it’s showing open. So make sure you take the time and put your hours into, because trust me, you don’t want to be listed as closed. You know, if you have some odd hours in there, you do not want to do that. Because again, this is the first, a lot of times, the very first place people will see you. So make it count. Don’t

It does count. It’s free listing. You have to do it. If you have a business, quit effing around and do it. Yeah. Pardon my Spanish.

So tomorrow, what are we doing? I think tomorrow’s is going to be on the email list.

Yep. Unless you guys change your minds, comment below we know you’re watching. We can see you. We can see that you’re watching, but you’re not commenting. We’re trying to get you to step out of your comfort zone. Just like we’re stepping out of ours and ask for help, reach out, ask us for help. We’re we’re doing this all right. Now, just to try to help you guys. We know that hometown businesses are struggling. You can do better. We know you can do it. Just put a comment in or reach out to us and ask for help. I think that’s good. So short and sweet. You can help us by sharing this with your business owners tag, somebody like comment share. It helps Facebook push it out to the people that need it and we greatly appreciate it. Yep.

All right. I think that’s good.

Three, two, one PEACE!

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Are your google my business attributes up-to-date

Are Your Google My Business Attributes Up-To-Date?

Hi everyone. It’s Angie and I have a quick little tip for you today. I had to fix something for a client and I want to show you what I had to do, because I think a lot of other people out there may have the same issue, especially now having businesses coming out of COVID and the COVID guidelines in a lot of areas. A lot of you are possibly are restaurant owners or shop owners that you before didn’t have dine-in, but you do have it now and you need to get the checkmark right here. A lot of you may have an X and this client of mine had an X there on dine-in. Either they did, or it was automatically done a while back. And they didn’t even notice it. And it wasn’t until clients came in and told them that, “Hey, I would’ve come into your location, but you said you were not doing dine-in anymore or right now.” So this is a real easy fix.

All you have to do is go into your Google, my business account, and I’m going to go into mine. And you go to the info tab. and then you go down here to add attributes. Now your attributes may look different than mine, and that’s dependent on your business. And it’s dependent on the categories that you put your business in. So you can add different attributes, that they list here, health and safety if you want to. But where I’m talking about is usually down here in the services option. Since I am not a restaurant and I do not have a location, the dine-in is not there for me. So what you’ll probably see if you have an X there that you want to change, you would just click on it until it gets to the checkmark sign. And then you would hit a button to save it.

Typically it takes a good 12 to 24 hours, at least for Google to verify. Sometimes it can be faster than that. Sometimes it can take longer than that. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen right away. But if I were you, I would go to your Google, my business, make sure that you have your listing exactly the way you want it.

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