What is call tracking and why do I need it?

Day 08 – What Is Call Tracking And Why Do I Need It For My Customer Catcher?

Day – 08 Boost Your Business In 30 Days – LIVE!
What is call tracking and why should I use one?
First off, what is tracked and be measured. We use call tracking for way more than just “tracking”.
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What’s going on, everybody. Hi, everybody.

It’s Ang and Pat Cherubini. And today is day eight of thirty days to boost your business. Sorry.

Is your chair down?

Day 8 of 30 of booster business. And so today what we’re going to talk about 30 days or whatever I said it wrong today. Just kind of, I know, I know. Okay. Well, why don’t you tell them what today’s is about

Today? We’re talking about call tracking and why you should use it on your website or your funnels or your advertising or anywhere. Really

A lot of people have, well, first, well, we’ll tell you what it is. What is attracting, okay.

Tracking numbers are just secondary phone lines that you can use to track all phone calls coming from your marketing. And the reason you want to do that is because, you know, there’s a saying what’s ma what can be measured, can be tracked and what can be tracked can be grown. So that is why we use it. It plugs into our system. Again, we’re, you know, we’re always talking about our software. It doesn’t have to be our software. Anybody can use a tracking number. If you have a service that gives you a tracking number, the best way is probably to show you a website that has a tracking number. Yep. That’s a good idea. So this is Perry at true clean perio, pretty up your palace if you wanting to,

But this is

Just the phone number that shows on your website. Now, everybody gets hung up about their actual phone numbers and Oh my God, everybody knows my phone number. I can guarantee you people don’t, nobody knows your phone number. They’re clicking either. What’s saved in their phone or a, a button on Google somewhere. And the key is, is we’re not changing your real phone number. No, we’re just showing other people that come from advertising a different number that actually forwards to your real number. So nothing changes people say, Oh my God, my, the numbers on my truck, I don’t want to change them. You don’t have to, you just can’t track where those calls are coming from.

You kind of have to make a decision. I mean, we have a lot of, we have a lot of companies that will come to us and say, well, I really want to know where things come from. Yep. Well, in order to do that, you have to do some, some nifty marketing things. And this is one of those little tricks, you know, having a, having a tracking phone number, we’ll do just that. You’ll be able to track the number of people that are, that are using it. And it’s just, it’s not something to get hung up anymore about because people are on their phones. They don’t care. What number is showing there. They want to get to you if you’re, that is definitely not the thing to worry about. You know, reviews, those kinds of things are more important than a phone number that’s listed there that they click. So don’t get hung up, do not get hung up on that.

The best things about the tracking number is the amount of control you have, because you can literally just log into the backend of whichever system you’re using ours included and say, you’re going on vacation and you don’t want to take the phone calls. You forward it to your partner. You literally change. You can have multiple, you can have multiple ones. They can track. You can have a front desk answer it. And honestly, the reason we started using tracking numbers, how long ago, 10 years ago, at least 15 years ago was because we ran a lead generation service. We still do. And we would send phone calls that they would basically be paying us for and their front desk FN sock. I don’t know how to put it any nicer. They would not answer the phone and call people back.

We saved, you know, there’s no actual full proof about it, but I swear we saved that business from going under because we’re the ones, because when you have a call tracking phone number, you can have those met or those conversations recorded. Um, a lot of people get hung up about that too. Um, and there’s little ones.

They follow the guidelines. You tell them this call for quality assurance in, you know, your employees know that they’re being recorded.

It’s a great way to it’s accountability. It is a fantastic way for you to figure out whether that front desk is really answering the questions correctly. And in this case, in this scenario that I’m from an old client, um, he wasn’t that person


Sure. I don’t care. Hello. What do you want?

Was doing that? He didn’t want to answer any questions. He would just, you know, it was a multimillion dollar revenue business, and he would literally answer him.

We were, we were in charge of, you know, they were an agency client. So we were in charge of bringing in leads to this company and they were wondering why business was going down. And so we started looking. Yeah. Yeah. So we started digging deep into that. And Pat was the one that found it. He’s like, have you heard these? If you had listened to I, whatever. Anyway, anyway, it, we probably saved that company’s and kept them from going under because when they got rid of that, where they got rid of that sales person that they thought was, yeah, it was terrible. And I, it’s not something that, that, that’s what we want you to get it for

Back in a positive direction. And you use it for accountability, train them to do better. No, it’s not always going to be looking for a reason to fire him. This guy was just really that bad, but you let them know you’re listening. You can listen to them and, and evaluate how they’re doing. And you’ll out. Most people, especially front desk, they don’t know how to sell. You can teach them to sell, which will end up in more deals and whatever it is you sell. Yep.

And what’s nice is on vacation. You know, you could go on vacation. So many people, myself included tow now because I’m using our system for, for our business as well. So many people get very connected to this bad boy to their phone. And so they can’t ever, they can’t ever go on vacation because all the phone calls are coming into that one cell phone. Well, now, you know, with a tracking phone number, you can set it to go to multiple phones. So you truly can take a vacation from your business and have somebody else that it responsible for it. So yeah, it gives you freedom. So don’t think of tracking numbers, check them out. So don’t, you know, don’t consider a tracking phone number, a bad thing because it does get a bad rap. It has getting a bad rap. We have a lot of people that they, you know, that have become our clients. And they’re like, Oh, is that the only number?

So they’ve had the same number forever, again, that doesn’t change. That’s where we forward that number to, or if you want to change it anywhere else. So,

So as usual, if you, what it looks like, Oh yeah, we did. We forgot it.

Dashboard where we can show you what this stuff looks like. So this is our a one Acme corporation, our demo account that doesn’t really have a lot of phone calls in it, but you can see how many calls are answered, how many are missed, which is another really powerful thing that you’ll see that if people aren’t answering the phone or if they’re not answering fast enough, but it just shows you the latest calls where it came from, who it was. You know, sometimes there’ll be a different information in here. This column right here is whether it’s the first call or not. So, you know, it’s a brand new prospect, or it’s the first time calling this line, how long it was. And you click on this and you can actually click and listen to it. If you’re having it recorded, if it’s recorded, you don’t have to have it recorded. But if you select it to be recorded, you can listen to them right there and you can even score it. If it’s a good call or a bad call,

Which you guys, it is a, you know, another reason to have it recorded is, you know, if you’re like me, you forget, you know, if you’ve got a ton of people calling you on a day-to-day basis, you, you may forget what, what someone said that, you know, maybe there was something important that that customer new customer said, and this is a great way for you to go back and listen to it. So that’s another reason.

Show them, you can go right back to it and you can see this as a call from Andrew. You can actually click on her contact and go right in and you can click right here and start taking notes. Yup. You know, add a task, set an appointment, see what was said and other, other communications. She had a call. We sent her an email. We texted back easy peasy makes you more efficient and makes you a closing machine. And that is a way to boost your business.

Took the words right out of my mouth. That’s what, that is what I was going to say anyway. So go ahead. Say something else. I don’t, what’s our, what’s our video for tomorrow.

Google ads. Guess what?

Setting up the Google ads. We’re still in the build phase.

We’re still building, this is another thing, another brick that you need to in your foundation, get your call tracking, set up. We are on our right screen. And next we’re gonna talk about getting the Google ads set up. So that is day number nine. And then we’re going to have a Q and a. So if you have any questions, you can message us, call us, use our web chat or join us on live number 10 and ask anything you want about what we’ve talked about so far. And hopefully we can help you boost your business. Yep. So until

Until tomorrow, [inaudible] all right.

The Power of The Web Chat

Day 06 – The Power Of A Web Chat

Today is day 6 of the Boost Your Business In 30 Days.

Ok, I’m just gonna flat out say it… your customers want to communicate with you the way they want to!  It doesn’t matter what you want.  You have to put multiple lines in the water in order to catch the most fish.  Also known as customers. We talked a lot about fishing for customers yesterday and told you how to collect customer data too.  Check it out.

We all love to text!  It’s easy, fast, and it just works.  Make it easy for your customers to ask a quick question without the fear of calling and sitting through a sales pitch, or crafting an email…  Quick text and bam! done.  Move forward after that.



Angie Cherubini:

Hi, everybody. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini again, and this is day six of 30 days of lives. And today we’re going to, Oh, well, I guess I needed to say, to boost your business 30 days of boosting your business. And today we want to talk about it. This one will be really short today and it’s on a web chat. We think it’s like a lifeline between you and your customers, or it’s just another lifeline between you and your customers. So you know, probably a lot of you out there wonder, I mean, I think a lot of people know what it is, but maybe some of you don’t. So what is web chat, Pat? What is web chat pat?

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Pat Cherubini:

Yeah. Or just go and show you on our website. Web chat is this little bubble down here. Lots of people have it, most people don’t, but it’s a way that if you have a question you’re available and you click on it, Angie’s over here with technology difficulties, you click on it, it pops up. Do you have a question? Ask us whatever it is, whatever your business is. It’s just something different that you can communicate with. Whoever wants to communicate. So if they fill this out, it literally sends us a text. And if you have a question, text us, you know, click our web chat, use it. It actually works. It goes straight down into our dashboard. It can be, you know, it doesn’t have to be our dashboard. There are lots of other technology companies that have this, and it’s just, it’s a way to communicate in the reason that makes it so strong and powerful is in sales, especially online sales is you want to meet your customer where they want to communicate. There are so many people that,

Angie Cherubini:

And they don’t want a big long, they don’t want a big long paragraph.

Pat Cherubini:

Don’t make them jump through hoops. If they have a question, let them ask the question where they are. If they’re on messenger, they want to send you a message and they want you to answer it in messenger, Google my business. Same thing. If they ask you they’re, you know, not everybody wants to make a phone call. I just made a post yesterday. I think that even if people call they’re 60% in businesses, 60%, 60% of business phone calls go unanswered people calling a business

Angie Cherubini:

Fricking crazy. That is crazy.

Pat Cherubini:

You have to have a way to let them, you know, if they don’t want to call fine, though, they can text, they can email, they can send a messenger. They can actually post on your Facebook, whatever, but you got to meet them where they want to be. And this is a really strong way to do it because yeah.

Angie Cherubini:

And you can match your, your brand. The cool part about it is, you know, the icon can, can be you. It can be your face, which if you’re the face of your business that, you know, that’s cool. We usually put Justine our fresh books. We usually put Justine the, the our representative well, you could go to Graceland. It’s ungraceful. Well, Oh, right here. Yeah.

Pat Cherubini:

It’s their logo down here in the bottom. Right. See me circle it.

Angie Cherubini:

And probably we should change that to Spencer. Yeah. I think we should put it as Spencer versus a logo. Make it, make it seem, you know, they’re, they’re reaching out to you make it personable.

Pat Cherubini:

There are a lot of bigger companies that have that, and it’s just an automated bot. And I think people know that this ours can be a little bit automated, but it is a real person answering. So you’ve got to go back and talk like a human, you know, texts. It doesn’t have to be perfect grammar, but you just text back and forth. How can I help you? And you move the conversation forward. Once they either get the answer that you can’t help them, then they can move on and then you’re done. But if you can move that relationship forward and then it’s time to take the next step. That’s when you can jump on a phone or, you know, make a proposal or have a demo, whatever it is that you do.

Angie Cherubini:

And the cool thing about it is in what I like is at least with our software. And I think a lot of software is like this it’s out. There are those conversations that you have in that chat that’s trackable. And it, you know, in ours, it goes right into our dashboard, into the conversations as one of the, one of the ways, you know, you have a conversation with somebody and it’s recorded. So you can always go back and see

Pat Cherubini:

That’s, you know, if, if I’m a brand new prospect to this company and I put in my name here and my mobile phone number and the question I have, that’s the data captured. We now have you in our system and I can text you anytime I want. Yep. I know who you were. I know the question you asked and I can figure out what the next step needs to be, to move you forward to towards the sale

Angie Cherubini:

And allowed to, you know, when you w if you’re looking for, you know, different software out there, whether you use ours or not most other places, it starts around a hundred bucks a month for that. Yeah. That’s crazy as it that’s especially crazy when, when we have a system that is, is all in one. So what do you,

Pat Cherubini:

You pointed to logo, hometown revolution, hometown revolution.com. If you’re interested, it does all that one itty bitty piece of what our system does. We catch,

Angie Cherubini:

I guess, you know, my big final point is, you know, if you’re, if you’re driving people, if you’re driving traffic to your website, which that is what you should be doing all the time, you have to have multiple ways for people to get in touch with you. You just have to and you have to keep up with the times, and this is what everybody’s using. So, you know, get it from somebody. Yep. I don’t care who just get it for your sake. We’d rather have you,

Pat Cherubini:

So this was day six tomorrow. What is tomorrow? I think we’re going to talk about automation and email marketing a little bit, because we’re a everything. So these first several steps are the foundation we’re trying to build the machine. You know, I can’t remember an order. What we talked about, we talked about, you know, websites having Facebook, having Google having a form to capture the data, just like this. This is another way now the web chat. And now we’re going to talk about how once you have that data, it goes into an email automation system, and you can start to send people, newsletters or promos,

Angie Cherubini:

Whatever you want, and that can be done automatically. So we’ll tell you all of that

Pat Cherubini:

Automatically. And you can also do it. If you have an announcement, you can blast everybody. And then we are finishing up on the foundation. The build, once this machine is built, that’s when we can really start pouring some gas on and catching some extra customers. So happy Saturday, want a quick, quick little live.

Angie Cherubini:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Pat Cherubini:

We’re here. Let us know you’re here. If you watched it live, but hashtag live below. If you watch it replay hashtag replay, we don’t want to know if anybody’s watching this. We don’t hear from a whole lot of people. So we want to know, are you watching you better be? Yeah. All right. See you tomorrow. Peace.

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