Set Your Social Media Up For Success

Day 12 – How To Set Up Your Social Media For Success

Day 12 of Boost Your Business In 30 Days LIVE!

Today, as we continue to talk about Pillar 2:  The Traffic, we talk about how to set up your social media in a way that funnels prospects that stalk your profile into your link that starts of the relationship.  We call it a social funnel.




Hi everybody. It’s Pat and Angie Cherubini with Hometown Revolution.

What’s going on. We are on day number 12 of boost your business in 30 days live. Awesome. So 12 days in a row, it’s a record for us by like 11 days.

And today’s today’s topic is set your social media up for success because we are in the second stage pillar two. And before you can even, you know, before you can even like push traffic to to, you know, through social media, you really need to get it ready and set it up for success. And what do we mean by that?

We have a little system that we call social funnels. So once you went through pillar one, hopefully you have your website set up and hopefully you understood that you need what? We also call a one link. You need one link that you drive people to all the time. This is the link that should be on all your social profiles. It can change sometimes, but we have one link that literally is on that’s on our Facebook page. It’s on our Facebook profile, my Facebook profile it’s in our Facebook group. It’s on LinkedIn. We put it on YouTube, all these videos we make. We send people to the place that we want them to go, that they can start to learn about it.

Even on any, even on your social profile, you guys, this is it’s important. And so many of you, I know that are listening, have a hard time with this because you’re like, Oh, I don’t want to put my business stuff on. You know, on my profile, you have to, you have to do that. People follow you, people look at you. They want, they kind of want to know. They like to Snoop.

Yep. We all know that they, they stock your profile. That’s what this is for. And you know, that’s, if you feel safe doing it, you know, no matter you, that’s all for you to decide, but we put most of our stuff out there because we want people to know, because we believe that people do business with people, not companies. So that’s what we’re doing today. We’re just going to talk about how to get the basic set up. So as we continue this traffic pillar, you know, that one link and everything just keeps pounding that link, and then you get them into your universe and then hopefully as a customer. Yep.

I know a lot of people, I know a lot of people, a lot of our current clients that we have that we’ve just gotten on our system. A lot of you don’t have your profile set for, for this basically set for success. So you know, all these little tips, this is definitely, definitely going to help you. So should we show what we’re talking about?

And we’ll switch over. We’ll just show you my take. You can see everything that’s out of the way. This is my personal profile. I think that’s the wrong tab. Now my personal profile, that is me. You know, this is my family. This is an important picture that we wanted everybody to see. This is when our, most of our kids were heading out, going to be away from us for the first time. In a long time, they were traveling in a camper and this is our business. They are, they’re part of our team and this was them leaving. So that’s what we wanted to put. And then my profile picture is me doing what I do a lot of is talking to no microphone. So that’s getting to know who I am. And quick tip here. If you change either

One of these, they get a lot

More push than a regular post. So if you change your profile picture, it will tell all of your friends, not all of them, but a lot.

And sometimes, and you can, you know, if you want to, you can get detailed on that picture. I mean, Pat, on this one did not put any call to action on there. You can don’t ever usually do. Yeah, you usually do. Or what I did on mine is I kind of snuck the hometown revolution logo. I have the same exact picture on mine and I snuck the hometown revolution logo on there. So it kind of now on the phone real well, yeah, on the phone, you can, but it just, I didn’t want it to be super prominent, but at least those of you that have maybe gone to hometown revolution and then you go check out Pat and I you’ll at least know, and that’ll be something that you’ll recognize those little things you can do. You can put phone numbers on there. You can, you can do whatever you want.

And this is our daughter. She’s a senior getting ready to graduate. So that’s why she has a picture of somebody that’s not her, which is usually a no-no, but use it as it’s your profile. It’s probably going to be temporary. But what you do not want to do is just leave a picture of somebody that’s not you up there, or your cat or your dog or nothing. She would probably get more reach than I,

She, I bet I would get a done. I really, and you know what? That’s kind of fun. You can test things like that. That is a great test for, for reach is, you know, change your photo, make it funny, or add something to it, change it up every time you change it up, more people see that. So just so you know, yep.

Get to know the real you that’s, that’s what this is. Social media. Isn’t really real life, but you got to put out the image that you want. If somebody wants to do business with you, you know what they see, it could be the final.

And if you love it, I mean, we love our business. So our profile is, is what we love and we love our kids. Same thing.

If you decide to do this, this is the front page of my social funnel, basically, because it’s got my name and then right here is your bio and you should edit that to include, it can have normal stuff also, but include, you know, this, our lead magnet that we want everybody to know about is the boost your business in 30 days where we teach people to boost your business in 30 days, there’s the link. Anytime they see it, they can click on it.

Yeah. And if you edit it and then when you save it, it will give you the option to share it. So make sure that your profile picture is exactly what you want and share that and share your message. And that’s kind of like a great post.

Yep. You can usually put actually today. I don’t, I just changed this again today. Emojis catch people’s eyes. You don’t have a whole lot of room, but you can actually put spaces and it’ll spread it out. Just do different things, play with it. And again, change it a little bit. If you change it, put one different emoji in it and then click save. And then they’ll say, do you want to share this? And you click share. And it pushes out to all of your prospects, which are your friends,

Wait, you show him your LinkedIn and you can do it on LinkedIn. You can do it.

This is, you know, make sure all this information is up to snuff. You know, if you have a Facebook page, your business page, but that makes sure that shows up. That’s got the regular link. This is our other business. You don’t have to include everything. You know, I’ve got a link to the front page of our home page. And then this is a featured image, which has changed recently. It used to show if you only put one big one, it would show one big one. But now I think they want you to have nine is it’s kind of following into the Facebook or Instagram. So I need to put some more up there. So this is where you can really fake feature your life. You can have your kids, your family, your life, your hobbies, and also your business. So yeah, the things that I post are a little bit of business.

Now, this is today, me getting ready to go live right here. This is what I’m looking at right now. You know, that’s, that’s our studio. And then just some funny things, some family things try to put, you know, I think we’ve talked about this in another video, you know, three posts for them. And then I get to post one post for me, which is my business. So it’s kind of like a commercial it’s TV. You get to watch, you know, 15 minutes of TV. Then you got to watch five minutes of commercials. So put your commercial out there, drive people to your one link, tell them what you do, show them what you’ve done for other customers and just keep on posting things. So the next thing is LinkedIn, right?

Linkedin, or, you know, this is just an example, but your, you know, your other social funnel, social funnels or profiles can be on Instagram Twitter, all of the social media outlets. You want to do the same thing. These are basically your landing pages of, you know, social media that’s out there. So

What’s your business in 30 days, hometown

Make sure it’s the same thing. It’s kind of what we’ve always said in terms of your brand, your, I mean your brand, you always want to use the same logo, the same brand,

And this is your personal brand. Yeah. Yep. So put, put everything in there that you can make it pretty consistent. You can use the same picture over and over that way, people recognize you. I don’t always do that because I change things. And honestly, I don’t use LinkedIn very much, but a lot of people do depending on what kind of business you’re in, that’s what, that’s, what you do

Use that same rule of thumb in whatever social media that you use.

So as far as what to post, this is our free download. If you want to get it, it’s basically what to post on social media for your local business. It’s a 30 day action plan. And what you end up getting is you’re going to get this PDF that kind of walks you through all kinds of stuff, ideas, what to post, how to start posting. And it will be a help to get you moving forward on your social media because social media is a huge part of everything now. Yeah.

Whether you’re following people or you’re in groups you know, any of that.

So there that is You can put your information in there, just an email and then download it and then we’ll send that right to you. And you can learn how to post better really for your business.

And L Oh, something, since I’m the design side of the business what we like to do, or what I like to use is a a website called I’ve used it for years, a long, long time. It’s come a long way. I mean, I’m talking a long time. I’ve used this website, but you can create anything and you can create all the stuff for Facebook, all your cover photos for any of the social media that you have out there. You can get, you know, you get in there and they have templates already made where you just replace the pictures with your own. So use those. There’s all kinds of stuff. And it, you know, if you’re following us and you, you know, our blog, post images are created in there. I create everything in here because this is, I think by far one of the easiest websites to use for creating images and things that you need to you know, to keep your brand congruent,

To give you good ideas, you can basically have something to start with change a couple of things, your word, or your logo on there. And it’s good enough to post. Yep. Yep. And that will help you. There I go.

We’ll help you get your social media set up for success. So

I think that’s good. So your action item today is do it, you know, go fix your social funnel, get it ready to start putting a lot more traffic to it. So you’re ready to send people into the funnel that you want them to go. Yup. Yup. I have never get it all the time. Believe me. She always agrees with me. Am I right? Okay. Get your social funnel. If you want to follow us, you can friend us. We were always looking for a business friends

And any questions you guys have, any, any questions on anything from today? You know, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below this video, or

I always go to the forums. If you need to hometown, we’re there all the time to help out

On Facebook. You can message us because that goes right into our dashboard system. So, so connect with us,

Get that done. And we will see you tomorrow as we go deeper into getting more traffic. So have a good night. Okay.


Hometown Revolution My Social Media Time Saver – My Social Media Time Saver

Hi everyone.

It’s Angie. And I wanted to go over a website today that I was using the other day for a client. And I thought you know what? This is something that is extremely important and could save so much time for you as a small business owner. So let’s go to it. It’s called

What I use this for is actually, I use it for numerous things. But what I really want to show you is the social media aspect of it. I typically create all my social media posts, my covers, my Facebook cover my YouTube, cover, Instagram, whatever, you know LinkedIn cover, whatever you need to make. I usually make it in this program. And you know, over 23 years of doing this for other businesses, I can tell you that this is one of the easiest ones to use. And if this tells you anything, I’m the designer and my husband Pat is not. So when I know he’s doing anything on his own and designing something and not me, he turns to Canva. So if he does that, then I can assure you, it’s something that you can figure out too. And you can use it when you open it up and you get the free account, which is all you really need is a free account. I personally would suggest the paid account because it opens up so many more things that you can use, but that’s totally up to you. You don’t have to.

Here you see it’s separated into categories, which makes it nice and easy. And then they have this nice little slider that allows you to go through different categories as well. Facebook ads are a big one that you’ll be using. You’re going to want to post on your page. I know a ton of you that are in the group already have asked about social media or you’ve downloaded our social media guide and want to know what the first thing is to do. A lot of people wonder you know, what do I post? How do I create something cool to post on my page?

Canva helps. So if we click on a Facebook ad, (I’m not going to show you how to do it.) I’m just showing you right now that they have examples, which is great to start with. I even do this. If I see one of the designs that I think, you know, inspires me and will work for one of my clients, I’ll use it. It just helps to have something to start with. So then you would just click on one that you would like, and then you can start creating. You can add different images, icons, wording, and more!

There are all kinds of things here on the side that you can go through. I’m not going to go through all that in this video. I want you to go through it, take a look at it.

So if you want to save time, I would definitely go to Again, it’s one of the best ones that are out there. The easiest to use. User-friendly and I think it can help you. So if you had used it before, let me know, say that in the comments, if you haven’t used it yet, get in there and do something and share it, share it on your Facebook page, and then share it with me because I would like to see it. I would like to see what you’ve done and what you’ve created. So hopefully this will help you this week. I’d love to see you use it.

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